Prayer to be of service

“The only life worth living is a life lived in service to others.”

Albert Einstein


Prayer to be of service

From the March 1996 issue of The Christian Science Journal

In the late 1970s we moved from the city way out into the country. After a short while I realized I was not having as much opportunity to serve humanity as I had had before.

I started to pray most earnestly to be of service in the way that God would want me to be. Immediately the thought came to me, almost as a command, to start writing in support of the Christian Science periodicals.

“Writing to heal” – Excerpt of poem

Getting out the message of Christianity
challenges each new generation of the
followers of Christ Jesus. Our works—
the living of the message—reach out to
those looking for answers. But along with
the works come necessary words—words
that recount, introduce, explore, expound,
explain, and put on record the power of
Truth in our lives.

There they were, all lined up on my dining room table. Then, I went and sat down at my desk in the deepest sense of humility and prayer. We seemed to have many dark challenges in our family at the time, and I literally had my head buried in my hands, asking God which way to go. A prayer filled my thought, and a few minutes later I wrote it down as a poem. It was very simple—straightforward and honest—and I decided to type it up immediately. I felt led to mail it in along with my long articles, and, because of its simplicity, I sent it labeled “For Young People.”

I love to look back once in a while to remember that prayer to be of service, and the open, lovely willingness to be obedient. We need to keep renewing these qualities in thought. They bring joy to our writing and to those who read what we write.

Truth,Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL Mankind.

Rob Scott

Oaxaca, Mexico

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