Moses Didn’t Let Struggle & Adversity Stop Him.


10-11 Then God said to Moses, “Go and speak to Pharaoh king of Egypt so that he will release the Israelites from his land.”

12 Moses answered God, “Look—the Israelites won’t even listen to me. How do you expect Pharaoh to? And besides, I stutter.”

13 But God again laid out the facts to Moses … and he again commanded them to lead the Israelites out of the land of Egypt. 

Exodus 6 MSG – GOD said to Moses, “Now you’ll see – Bible Gateway



The Bible gives us the example of self-consciousness overcome by the experience of Moses. He felt unsure of himself or self-conscious because of his struggle or adversity with difficulty in speaking.  But he didn’t let it stop him and went on to become one of the greatest leaders.

Abraham Lincoln was filled with self-doubt, and yet overcame it to lead the [United States] through the Civil War. Martin Luther King Jr. often talked about his doubts—about his ability or willingness to commit to and sustain the civil-rights movement, and his fear of assassination. 1

In my previous career an office manager who lost her son in an accident shared the following story with me.

She used to have a stuttering problem which would show up dramatically when she was under stress and became self-conscious.

She had interviewed years earlier to be an office assistant and did well during the interview and was hired.  She made it through the interview without stuttering.

However, after she was hired she was placed under a great deal of stress during the training from the office manager who hired her.

As a result, she began stuttering one day while answering the phone with the office manager looking over her shoulder.

Thus the office manager then went to the owner and told him that their new assistant had a stuttering problem and that they should get rid of her.

Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, the owner had also struggled with stuttering when he was younger.  The owner understood her so-called adversity as he had been there too.

Thus the original office manager was the one who was let go by the owner and replaced by the new woman with the stuttering problem.

The owner shared this information with his new assistant one day and even shared with her what had helped him to overcome his struggle with stuttering.

As a result, she no longer struggles with stuttering or a false sense of self-connsciousness.

From a Christian Science perspective this demonstrates Mrs. Eddy’s statement: “Help others and you are helping yourself, help yourself and you will help others”(from a letter with no date).

Also, a belief in a lack of self confidence is a belief in a power apart  from God.

Perhaps that owner just saw her best self or saw himself in her and knew she could overcome her adversity just like he did?

Truth, Wisdom, love and Sincerity, to ALL Mankind,

Rob Scott

Oaxaca, Mexico

1   August 7, 2007 The Christian Science Journal




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