Equal & Excellent – Eddy, Obama, and Ellen DeGeneres


I desire the equal growth and prosperity of ALL Christian Scientists, and the world in general; each and every one has equal opportunity to be benefited by my thoughts and writings.

Mary Baker Eddy

Miscellaneous Writings 291:12


Video Published Feb 2016


Today Christian Science directs its strong rebuke at all injustice and inequity. They have no root or rationale in God’s government.

Equality derives ultimately from the nature of what is real: God, Spirit, the one cause, and spiritual man the one effect. In this eternal order, governed by spiritual law, substance and action are purely spiritual, therefore unlimited in quality and quantity. Inequality, which derives from material limitation, has no place here.

God sees this excellence as characteristic of all His creation. In God’s creation there are no seconds; every spiritual idea passes the divine inspection with zero defects. This all-pervading excellence ensures equality of perfection throughout the spiritual universe. It provides a sure starting point from which we can work for human justice.

Equal and Excellent

From the May 1, 1976 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel






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