From the October 19, 1907 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

This decorative and instructive picture [see photo below] by H. B. Fuller is the coup de maitre of art inspiring its object; it startlingly portrays the soul’s sense of Truth’s Omni-Science, All-Science, and the nonsense of Truth’s unlikeness, error.

Oct. 4, 1907


[Henry B. Fuller in the February Fine Arts Journal.]


From the March 1908 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The Founder of Christian Science, in an editorial in the Christian Science Sentinel of Oct. 19, 1907, bestowed favorable notice upon a picture entitled “The Triumph of Truth over Error,”

This picture being the first considerable work so far painted with the aim to portray the thought of Christian Science. Praise accorded the picture by Mrs. Eddy is, therefore, the highest honor to which awork of like nature could attain. But her gracious comment carries more than a personal gratification to the painter; it offers a spiritual encouragement to reach an art expressive of divine thought.

Christian Science brings the answer: it is the art of fulfilment, of being, of divine thought. The art that most clearly embodies the faith of Christian Science will be the new religious art, with an appeal wider, stronger, saner, more joyous and beautiful than the old Christian art, marred as it was with its belief in the power of evil. Affirmation will be the master-note in this new expression of a faith enfranchised from the power of illusion. Instead of a restricted introduction of harmony, harmony will be everywhere dominant. Instead of heaven afar off, with pain and suffering near, it will depict a sublimated state. a state of heavenly being consonant with a just conception of the divine nature. Divine Love, triumph, enthusiasm, the conceptions of an advancing, widening humanity, the present possibilities of an improved moral and physical state, will find a place in this new art. With the faith and energy of a large and increasing host behind them, these ideals must inevitably blossom in forms of exalted beauty. The spirit of life, the all-conquering spirit, will carry expression upward into its own reality.


See Photos Below Referenced in Above Article:


Fuller's "Triumph of Truth over Error"


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