Healing Beyond Borders with Virginia Harris, C.S.B.


God spoke: “Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature So they can be responsible for the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the cattle, And, yes, Earth itself, and every animal that moves on the face of Earth.”

Genesis 1:26 (The Message Bible)

Healing Beyond Borders

Recently I participated in a workshop at Boston University’s School of Theology about the future of medicine and the role of religion in healing and transformation.

It appears that everywhere one looks is a tumultuous world where there is clearly a need for healing: socially, culturally, economically, environmentally, and of course, physically. Every community – and almost every family and neighbor – feels some impact of the destructive nature of inequality, poverty, addiction, racism, violence. In many areas, it might seem as if the problems are exploding!

The magnitude of societal ills might tempt us to feel helpless and hopeless…so small and insignificant, unable to make a difference. But I think the current human condition is, instead, a call and demand to think bigger in order to expand our views of medicine and religion.

By expanding our views, the self-imposed borders that have traditionally separated all of us from each other and diminished our capacity to heal will disappear. And with that, together we can work to heal society’s ills effectively.

For example, it seems to me that the broader definition of medicine must go beyond traditional methods which include surgery, drugs, and other medical procedures to considering divine Spirit, the supreme healer, and its means of healing.

And our religious faith’s respect and care of others must go beyond the traditional borders of denomination to the one great power of divine Love, which embraces and unifies the entire family of humanity.

The suffering in the world today is no longer confined to hospital beds, shelters, or refugee camps…it is on street corners, in airports, schools, office buildings – everywhere we live, everywhere we turn.

Consider what practical steps medical professionals and religious adherents would take when they accept that it is the spiritual nature of each individual that we must understand, value, treat, and nurture?

Consider what true healing of every ill would occur – individually, communally, and globally?

The spiritual nature of each individual, regardless of perceived affliction, is unalterably bestowed by the Creator of all existence to be pure, good, loved, and lovable. In fact, the spiritual nature is the actual creation! Therefore, one’s spiritual nature is as inseparable from the Creator as sunbeams are from the sun. Inseparable!

What are the societal ills that afflict? They are not inherent to each one’s divine nature! What is inherent is the yearning to be better, to be what the Creator has created each one to be…free from whatever is unlike our Creator. This is spiritual fact, the eternal foundation and divine energy of healing and transformation.

Jesus declared, “…ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” This fact empowered his followers and it empowers all of us, regardless of denomination, today.

The desire to understand, value, treat, and nurture the spiritual fact about each individual’s only, divinely-bestowed nature is truly the medicine – and religion – of the future.

Can’t we all then work together, inseparable from each other, in the expansive, inclusive, and effective practice of divine healing, without borders?

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One comment

  1. Victor Seth Sargeant LMFT · April 16, 2016

    Bread and water simple but to the point Rob Scott again
    Bless your spiritual insights!
    The website keeps its promises.

    The Seekers are blessed with something useful and meaningful?
    How joyous you are here enriching our brave sweet flock with your well researched daily treatmemts? Dell is proud of you going about doing your father’s work.
    How wonderful to have a place to express our side, the correct view of our validation of our story within the Cause and to the human race.
    Is there a record somewhere of Mrs Eddy holding an anti-Gay theorical position?
    Her position was more about “sensuality”
    than “sexuality” and perhaps she saw “generic” man as her evolutionary resolution inheriters as the new children of Christian Science for a New Age? Just an idea open for discussion?
    I am grateful for being born into Mrs Eddy’s expression of the Comforter?
    …..the Truth that owns each waiting hour!
    I am grateful for the Group and the quality of its members.


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