What these young men and women need more than anything.


Many of these kids have never been told they are good, that they aren’t sinners. In fact, one day a minister from a fundamentalist church heard me tell a group of them that they are precious children of God. And she said to me, “Where do you get off telling them this?

I was raised to think I was a sinner and never felt good enough for God, so I never really felt a close relationship with God. It was such a freeing experience finding Christian Science and learning that I was loved by God, and discovering who God really was. That’s what these young men and women need more than anything.

One thing I’ve learned—you don’t go into these facilities and preach

From the November 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal



For you save a humble people, but the haughty eyes you bring down.

Psalms 18:27


A healer? Really?

From the teen column: Up Front – April 26, 2016

That afternoon in the writing center, though, I saw discipleship in a new way. I realized that the natural result of praying and feeling close to God was that this better understanding of God had to trickle into, inspire, and animate everything I did. I was still a friend, student, sister, and tutor; primarily, though, I was a healer. In other words, I was devoted to letting Love, which is God, shape and guide my thoughts and actions. I was committed to seeing the spiritual reality of God’s creation, and the purity and goodness of each of His children. And I needed to approach every situation with that in mind. Like my work with this fellow student, for starters.

She’d been having a tough time. And though I’d been patient and steadfast, I’d kind of resigned myself to the idea that writing was always going to be a struggle for her.

But is that the way a healer would see things?

Long story short, when I saw myself as a healer first, my view of this girl changed. Like, majorly. She made rapid progress after that. But what really struck me was the way her confidence exploded. When I adjusted my own perspective and recognized that she reflected God’s infinite capacities for good, she responded.

Since you’re here on this site, you may already think of yourself as a healer. And that’s why this community exists: So we can support each other as healers. Even better, so we can learn how to let that be the view of ourselves that leads.







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