Alan Young – Hopefully I have stopped studying people and obeying people and can better follow my Leader as I continue to find her in her writings.


If I may be permitted one small individual hope, perhaps this book will inform some who may be interested that I am still a grateful, sincere student of Christian Science.  It is a sad comment on our church upbringing that when anyone voices  a different opinion from that of the Christian Science ecclesiastical hierarchy it is immediately assumed that he has stopped studying Christian Science!  Hopefully I have stopped studying people and obeying people and can better follow my Leader as I continue to find her in her writings.

Alan Young

“Mr Young Goes to Boston”


“Mr. Young Goes to Boston” by Alan Young

In loving memory of Alan Young:


When my family arrived in Canada form Great Britain the only place dad could afford was a converted garage in the woods near Vancouver, Canada.  Dad was unemployed.  Mother suffered from agonizing migraine headaches.  I had been diagnosed as anemic and had chronic asthma which had me bedridden much of the time.  When we could afford a doctor he could provide only temporary relief.  Although my sister was still healthy, living in that drafty, unheated building left us all pretty miserable.

A Christian Scientist living in a nearby town heard our plight.  She took a bus to the end of the line, then walked for three miles and located our shack.  She sat and talked with my mother for a while, left her a copy of “Science and Health” and hiked back.  This she did twice.

She brought more than words and a book.  She brought love.  In a short time Mother and I were healed and Dad found employment.  I don’t recall exactly when my Mother’s healing took place, though I know it did.  My healing came almost over night and within a few days I began taking part in strenuous sports.  We all became Christian Scientists, and my sister, who witnessed all this, became the most faithful Christian Scientist of the group (Mr Young goes to Boston p. 5).

Mary Baker Eddy also states, “…truth communicated never imparts error” (Science and Health p. 85:31).  My family experienced this first hand when a compassionate Christian Scientist walked miles to knock on our door, to bring us a message of healing and hope.  We were not healed by a church.  We heard nothing about an organization based in Boston.  The woman was not even a registered practitioner.  We found a book and experienced love.  That’s what it’s is all about (“Mr. Young Goes to Boston” p. 68).

* Alan was the keynote speaker at Emergence International’s 2nd annual conference in 1986 in San Francisco.  That conference drew the largest attendance ever.

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