The CS Lecture Circuit from the late Alan Young with recent responses from the field


I think the Christian Science organization of today has become filled with good Sunday school students as opposed to the early workers who were literally rescued from the graves.

Name Withheld, …C.S.B.


I attended a CS lecture addressing Heroin addiction where the CS lecture compared it to his healing of “excessive sleepiness”.  I felt he was speaking beyond his ability and demonstration with a canned presentation he had on the internet. Plus, the audience was almost all Christian Scientists. One wrote in that we are just preaching to the choir.  

Name Withheld


At Midwest Church Alive 2014 they had a student of CS stand and speak about how he felt being a minority in Christian Science. They had him up on a large projection screen for all to see. What the audience didn’t know is that this same person shunned a person due to their sexual orientation who was also a Christian Scientist. Talk about feeling like a minority. Another participant told why her  branch church recently closed: “because we focused on us and not on our community.” 

Name Withheld


A church member who went into the prisons to read the CS lesson complained that in all the time he had done this not one inmate ever responded or reached out to him for help. I suggested that perhaps his message needed to be adjusted as well as his delivery. Perhaps he should treat it like Sunday School or he could benefit from some public speaking tips? But, this church member stated that is just the way things have always been done.  He blamed another branch member who went with him to the prisons by stating: “He probably has never marked a set of books in his life and hasn’t fallen far enough” as a reason for their lack of progress and response from the so-called inmates.  

I tell this story to anyone who will listen for one reason only: We are trying, in our own small way, to do something right. By uncovering our own errors, we pray that others will learn from this and think outside the box.  This is a great opportunity for healing not only for the church but also for those yearning brothers and sisters who love (or feel drawn to love) that Science that is so healing to every heart. 

Name Withheld


In loving memory of the late Alan Young

“Mr. Young Goes to Boston” by AlanYoung, p. 44-46


The Lecture Circuit

This sparsity was the first thing that became apparent to me as I began lecturing.  In one small Texas town I came off stage after the lecture feeling rather dejected as there had been only about a hundred people in the audience.  The lecture chair lady rushed up to me, her face beaming.  “Oh Mr. Young,” said she, “How grateful we are to have you here.  We had four times our usual audience!”

In this town of a few thousand people they usually drew only twenty-five for a lecture?  She went on to say that she had not seen most of the people before so “they must be non-Scientists!”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that this was not the case.  Standing in he line after the lecture I’d met most of the audience and found that there were several busloads from nearby towns.  Some had driven two hundred miles from Amarillo for the lecture.  They were all Christian Scientists.  We were still talking to ourselves.

It is the Truth to this age and must be respected as such.  We cannot arbitrarily demand this recognition, but we must prepare for it and make sure that our agents are truly representative and prepared, both metaphysically and experientially.  We are operating in a human world completely inured to the ingenuous; it demands expertise.

In everything I’ve read about Mary Baker Eddy it is clear that she demanded professionalism.  It is recorded that she hired an expert elocutionist to read a talk for her -not necessarily a Christian Scientist, but an expert communicator.  Mrs. Eddy had taken care of the content.  She wanted another expert to take care of the transmission.

Would anyone hire an operator for “Tel-Star” simply on the grounds that he was a Christian Scientist, and ignore the proper scientist-engineer?  Yet, it is being done at the Mother Church day by day.


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