Alan Young – “Realize this and you are safe from harm, nothing can touch you”.


How do you heal instantaneously?

…It is to love!  Just live love – be it- love, love,love.  Do not know anything but Love.  Be all love.  There is nothing else.  That will do all the work.  It will heal everything; it will raise the dead.

Mary Baker Eddy

(“Mr Young Goes to Boston”, p.114)


Seal – Love’s Divine (from the CD “Seal IV”)

In loving memory of the late Alan Young

“Mr. Young Goes to Boston” by AlanYoung, p. 93-102


Christian Science is not demonstrated by committee nor does it need a “board” to direct it.  It is individual reflection, indicating the oneness of Being.

Remember, “One with God is a majority.”

Years ago, I phoned a tree specialist to remove a dead peach tree from my garden.  Walking past the branches I felt something bump my head.  One of the branches  in this skeleton tree had leaves and blossoms on it and what bumped my head was the beginning of a tiny fruit.

“This tree isn’t dead,” the specialist said.  “As long as one branch is alive, the tree is alive.”  Needless to say, the tree stayed and the man left.  The leaves of the branch weren’t affected or even aware of the rest of the tree.  They were doing their individual duty of turning outward and upward, drawing their strength and supply from the sun and thereby passing along whatever was needed.

A month or so later this one branch was loaded with the most delicious peaches I’d ever tasted and it blessed our table for weeks.

“As long as one branch is alive, the tree is alive.”  And as long as one leaf is alive, the branch is alive.  So not only are we lively stones, we’re living leaves!

We may be small in number s but we can be big in Spirit.

Sometimes a single leaf, just hanging in there is all the example that’s needed.

“The tender word and Christian encouragement of an invalid, pitiful patience with his fears and the removal of them, are better than hecatombs of gushing theories, stereotyped borrowed speeches, and the doling of arguments, which are but so many parodies on legitimate Christian Science, aflame with divine Love (S&H 367:3).”

The key word is “aflame”.  Not “sputtering” with divine Love or flashing it.  Aflame —–constantly aflame.  The seeker may simply need the heat, or the light.  That’s up to him not us.

The only danger we face is from within.

Already we feel rumblings of splits and schisms . “Should this book be printed or shouldn’t it”  “Did Mrs. Eddy mean this – or this?”  “This teacher doesn’t like my teacher.”  “These books could be classed as obnoxious literature”.  “I think the Jones take aspirin now and again!”

Our movement is like a victim dying for thirst – crying for a cup of cold water and we are arguing over the color of the cup!

Let us not concentrate on, nor be mesmerized by our differences but unite in our love for the Truth.

We do not need forsaking all personal authority and organization, because we operate on the basis of divine authority.

As our Leader reminds us, “The real Christian Scientist’s compact is Love for one another…God is Love, and love is infinite; realize this and you are safe from harm, nothing can touch you” (Divinity Course and General Collectanea, Richard Oakes, p. 224:7 and p. 20).


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