My hope is that this may bring into focus certain questions that an increasing number of Christian Scientists are asking: Why was Pleasant View sold? – Alan Young

Agreed…you can’t separate the discovery and the discoverer.

Journal Listed, CS/COP


“At one time Mrs. Eddy received an invitation from the promoters of the Lincoln Memorial at Washington to join as a founder.  The invitation solicited a subscription to the cost of the Memorial, and stated that contributions were being made by the most prominent citizens of our country.  It was beautifully engraved, and when I took it to Mrs. Eddy she asked me what I thought about it all.  I said, ‘Mother, I think people should be constructing a memorial to you and your work instead of your contributing to anything of this kind to somebody else.’  ‘Yes, Mr. Dickey,’ she replied, ‘but these things are needed in the world to-day and it is natural for the citizens of the United States to recognize the greatness and grandeur of Abraham Lincoln’s character.  I shall send them a check for one hundred dollars,’  And she did so.  That is the way she followed my advice.”

Memoirs of Mary Baker Eddy  by Adam H. Dickey, C.S.D.


“Mr. Young Goes to Boston” by AlanYoung, p. 106-122

In loving memory of the late Alan Young


Pleasant view was Mrs. Eddy’s home for16 years  – the home she loved so dearly and from which she poured fourth her love for us.  From Pleasant View more than 380 editions of Science and Health went to press.  Here Mrs. Eddy wrote Retrospection and IntrospectionChrist and Christmas, Pulpit and Press, the eighty-eight Church Manuals, Miscellaneous writings, Christian Science versus Pantheism, the three Messages to the Mother Church, Poems, and The First Church of Christ Scientist and Miscellany.  From Pleasant view Mrs. Eddy wrote thousands of letters to students and performed many other time-consuming services for the cause of Christian Science, besides working daily for the healing of All mankind.

My hope is that this may bring into focus certain questions that an increasing number of Christian Scientists are asking:

Why was Pleasant View sold?

Why wasn’t the Field told so that they might purchase it?  The field’s money paid for Pleasant view for more than 60 years; why were they not notified of the pending disposal of goods and properties?

Mrs. Eddy makes it undeniably clear that all contributions from the Field must be accounted for.  She wrote to the Board of Directors of the First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston:

“Delay no longer to commence building our Church in Boston; or else return every dollar that you yourselves declare you have had no legal authority for obtaining, to several contributors, – and let them, not you, say what shall be done with their money (Misc Writings 141:26).”

In an outpouring of love, several students gifted her with a small pond which became the inspiration of “Pond and Purpose” in which she states:  “From my tower window, as I look on this smile of Christian Science, this gift from my students and their students, it will always mirror their love, loyalty and good works” (Misc Writings, p 203).

A group from Toronto, Canada sent her a gift of a beautifully fitted row-boat, decorated with Masonic insigniaI in response [now supposedly located in the TMC basement].

Followers fell away, pupils strayed and teachers went into business for themselves, but Mrs. Eddy succeeded in welding the remaining faithful into a nucleus of strength.  It is obvious that she saw how uninspired ambitious pupils, short on spirit but long on organizational expertise, viewed Christian Science not so much as a revelation but as a money-making potential. This she could not follow.

Is it any surprise that she now surrounded herself with faithful, capable metaphysicians in every office of her Pleasant View household?  The hatred and venom spewing her way from dissociated bureaucracy was organized, constant and deadly.  It was mortal mind with its tail stepped on; personal pride with its nose out of joint; formidable foes.

It is conceivable that, then and there, the carnal thought dedicated itself to the total eradication, not only of Mary Baker Eddy, but of her very memory.  Pleasant View’s ultimate extinction was promised.  It took until 1977 to be fulfilled  [interesting that the erroneous articles condemning gays and lesbians started to appear in the CS periodicals around the 1970’s].

One of these purposes in documenting these events is the hope that it might stimulate a ground-swell of interest and resolve that could reclaim Mrs. Eddy’s homesite in memory of her.  It would not be a gravestone, but a landmark of her progress and accomplishments.  Isn’t this setting for her greatest victories worth keeping.

The most diabolically successful way to erode a message is to eradicate the messenger.  Did this activity begin with the elimination of Pleasant View?

While professing great loyalty to their “beloved Leader”, pupils were practicing their own brand of Christian Science.  Some began publishing periodicals and, to meet all tastes, included a potpourri … with their personal interpolations of her instructions [ interesting that the erroneous articles condemning gays and lesbians started to appear in the CS periodicals around the 1970’s].

The house was torn down and stood vacant until the 1930’s.  It was decided to erect a home where practitioners who had served the movement faithfully could live and continue their work.

Always an interesting trip for Annual Meeting attendants was a visit to Pleasant View with a side-trip to Bow where a pyramid marker, donated by the local Masonic Lodge, the old Baker homesite.  This stone was the largest single piece of granite ever mined in the State of New Hampshire and was presented by the Masons as an exact representation of the great pyramid of Egypt.  The Christian Science Board of Directors issued an order that the marker be destroyed.  It was dynamited to bits.

In the 1970’s, the decision was evidently made to sell Pleasant View, which had been the home to practitioners for nearly fifty years.  One of the reasons given for the sale was that there was no practitioners applying for admission as residents.

The administrator of the home made several trips to various cities and found practitioners who met requirements in every detail…their papers forwarded to the administration in Boston – never to be heard of again.

The Board member commented briefly on the beauty of Pleasant view and how she had not visited it for years,  Then she dropped the bombshell in two sentences. “The Church Center in Boston cost more than anticipated,” she said, “and Pleasant View will have to be sold.”

After Pleasant View was vacated, a local, impartial appraisal of the home and acerage was made.  It appraisal was close to $10,000,000.  For some unexplained reason the Board of Directors of The Mother Church negotiated the sale of the property for $4,500,000.  They also stipulated that the property never be used as a medical facility.

Suddenly, this stipulation was removed by the same Church Board and the entire property was sold for a little over $2,000,000!  It is now a medical facility – a New Hampshire home of the insane.

Pyramid Capstone at Bow

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