Heaven here at hand by Laura Moliter, CS

“Which ought to be substance to us, — the erring, changing, and dying, the mutable and mortal, or the unerring, immutable, and immortal? A New Testament writer plainly describes faith, a quality of mind, as ‘the substance of things hoped for.’”  
Mary Baker Eddy
(Science and Health, page 278-279)

e-inspire, June 1st

Laura Moliter, CS

Let’s have faith. Let’s recognize here and now that the true substance of life is all that we hope for. It is not limit and matter and fear and uncertainty. True substance is eternal Truth, the very presence and power and goodness that is God.

And as this quote reminds us, the faith that makes this substance known to us, right here and now, is a quality of mind. It is by a change in thought, a shift in focus, that we are able to see and enjoy a true awareness of things made of Spirit and built to endure as God so lovingly intended.

As we look to physicality and material circumstances to dictate our prospects to us—to tell us who we are and how we are—we make a conscious choice to miss out on our blessings and our own blessedness. On the other hand, as we acknowledge the substance of all things as spiritual, made of God’s own goodness and everlasting Love, we begin to feel the freedom, joy, and peace that these qualities express.

This faith is not a blind hope. It is simply a willingness to turn our thoughts and preoccupation from the material, limiting, and often disappointing, to the spiritual, the uplifting, the real, the right, and the harmonious.

You do have this faith. God planted this very awareness and this hope within you. Let it lead you to the unerring, immutable, and immortal. Let it lead you to your own heaven here at hand.

Laura Moliter, CS




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