Are you, too, asking why you’re here and where you fit?

Each individual must fill his niche in time and eternity for ever.

Mary Baker Eddy
(Ret. 70:18)


“Being a musician myself, I can understand the scenes where Beethoven is sharing the secrets of what music is, and the price musicians pay to bring it to life. When he told the Anna Holtz character that musicians must be conduits for the Voice of God, and “if we are not that, we are nothing”, I almost wept; because it is true. Any musician that is reading this will bear witness to this.” – Video review from Amazon: Copying Beethoven (DVD) by Dawoud Kringle.

The oneness of form and purpose

From the December 1990 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I feel the presence of a
shimmering sea of stars
(illumined thoughts,
Love’s intelligent substance) as yet
ungathered into a galaxy—
uncomposed into symphony or song or written word,
unsculpted into entity.

For purpose, there must be identity,
for identity, FORM.

Unsystemed stars, uncomposed tones,
unarranged words, ungathered shapes
would have no “body”—
no identity, no name or message           no purpose.

The breathtaking galaxies illustrate intention,
speak to me of law
of Love attracting, of Mind acting,
of God’s right hand
grasping, shaping,
disciplining thoughts into mental formations

inseparable from their purpose.

Like the bird shaped to soar, the cheetah to run,
the beaver to build,
even so is consciousness precision-shaped to God’s purpose.

Are you, too, asking why you’re here
and where you fit?
Then stop. Stop. Be still.
Wait patiently amidst your “sea of stars,”
and pray with me to silence human will.

His will, not ours, must move
upon the waters’ face,
His love must discipline and shape
our unformed thoughts.

Since form is purpose,
He who knows the purpose must design the form.
And He who “calleth them all by names”
is calling you.


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