“Boston for Orlando” – Silent March Begins at Christian Science Center on June 26, 2016. Plus IL CSB/COP responds to shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.


Join the silent march on June 26, 2016 at 11 AM to honor those fallen and wounded in the Orlando Massacre that occured on June 11, 2016. Bring your friends and march in solidarity to remember those who could not make it to today, and to congratulate those who are here currently, for every battle matters. The march will start at the Christian Science Center on Massachusetts Ave. And will go down Boylston to Government Center. For the “Boston for Orlando” facebook page, click the links below:



Video: Extracted from the series West Wing, President Bartlet delivered a KO on an anti gay practitioner highlighting the ridiculous practice of selecting quotes from the Bible to shore up irrational prejudices. Perhaps Mrs. Eddy would respond to such anti gay practioners with: Not in my name! “We take the inspired word of the Bible (Mary Baker Eddy).”


What death cannot do

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Silent March For Orlando

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