Finding love and family in the heart of the Sierra Mountains with Mrs. Eddy and Henry David Thoreau


Some people have suggested that being outdoors is a way to combat stress or depression in our lives. Christian Science discoverer Mary Baker Eddy wrote about the spiritual qualities nature represents in her book “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures”: “Spiritually interpreted, rocks and mountains stand for solid and grand ideas” (p. 511).

“My profession is always to be on the alert to find God in Nature, to know his lurking-places, to attend all the oratorios, the operas, of nature.” In a river, he found the flow of eternity; climbing a mountain he felt his spirit move closer to God. “I believe in the forest, and in the meadow, and in the night in which the corn grows.” It was as though he could see through Nature to a glimpse of the divine. What might sound to us like a contradiction made perfect sense to him: “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” Exalting his own small world of Walden Pond and Walden Woods and the Concord countryside, Henry Thoreau exalted nature for all of us everywhere.

Henry D. Thoreau was arrested and imprisoned in Concord for one night in 1846 for nonpayment of his poll tax. This act of defiance was a protest against slavery and against the Mexican War, which Thoreau and other abolitionists regarded as a means to expand the slave territory.

Thoreau’s classic essay popularly known as “Civil Disobedience” was first published as “Resistance to Civil Government” in Aesthetic Papers (1849). Thoreau has no objection to government taxes for highways and schools, which make good neighbors. If a law “is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another,” he declares, “then, I say, break the law.” The essay makes it clear that this stance is not a matter of whim but a demanding moral principle.’s_Life_and_Writings:_The_Research_Collections/Thoreau_and_the_Environment


  • Photos – The heart of the Sierra Mountains (06/05/2016) with students from my school and their families.









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