No need to be a “victim”… TRIUMPH over adversity.

If it becomes necessary to startle mortal mind to break its dream of suffering, vehemently tell your patient that he must awake.

Mary Baker Eddy

SH 420:27-30 

No need to be a victim by Richard C. Bergenheim

From the November 17, 1997 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Some people suffer trial after trial, yet they never give out the sense of being victimized. Others suffer one setback—or many—and they are victims for life. The injustice, the irrationality of evil, the emotional and physical scars, are something from which they can’t seem to shake themselves free. Yet Christ, Truth, is knocking on the door of our consciousness, and if we’ll listen but a moment, we’ll know there is a way out.

Spiritual sense, which we all have, presents an uncomfortable fact: we can’t be victims unless we give our consent. “But I’m deaf!” “I was raped!” “I was discriminated against!” “I was hit by a drunk driver!” “I never gave consent to that!” You are right. But none of those kinds of things can actually make us be a victim. In my dictionary, the word victor comes after the word victim and its derivatives. There is a lesson in this. We can triumph over adversity or we can succumb to it.

If we hold to the Christly fact of God’s control of life, the arguments that once chained us to a sense of victimhood will be undermined and will disappear. Perhaps the argument comes, “My life has been ruined.” The Christ-like fact counters it, by saying, “No, my life is fostered by God, perfect good. God has not stopped caring for His idea. His supply of good is undiminished and fully available.” Or perhaps the argument is, “It’s too late for me.” The Christlike fact counters, “No, a day with the Lord is a day full of blessings and goodness.”


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