Lady Gaga is healing and saving the world from an orphanage in Mexico to a student in my classroom.

I had a student share with my “conversation class” that he went through a very difficult time in his life years ago because he felt different and that he didn’t fit in with the other kids.  As a result, he turned to food to fill that hole and became morbidly obese.  He said he had to learn to love himself.  He shared that Lady Gaga and his father helped build his self esteem because they accepted him.  He stated Lady Gaga stood up to the bullies and her song “Born this way” helped him.  He felt he had so much to say inside but was suffering in silence years ago.  He has lost the weight and is one of my strongest and most outspoken students and in a very good way.  He also stated he has a very diverse group of friends some of whom are gay.  He shared that the people representing some religions did some of the most damage to their self-esteem.

I asked the class how many support marriage equality in Mexico as only a few of their states currently have it.  The President of Mexico is trying to make it a national law.  Everyone in the class raised their hand in favor of it.

I shared how one student in my previous class asked me: “What would you do if you found out your brother were gay.”  I responded:  “I would love him unconditionally”.

Rob Scott

Oaxaca, Mexico

05 August, 2016


Searching for ways to ease the trauma of adolescence for other kids, Lady Gaga came to Harvard University on Wednesday for the formal unveiling of her Born This Way Foundation, meant to empower kids and nurture a more congenial environment in and out of schools.

Lady Gaga is on to something important here. Experts from scholars to Education Secretary Arne Duncan are calling for more focus on bullying not only because it is linked to high rates of teen suicide, but also because it is an impediment to education.


Watch Lady Gaga Slay ‘Born This Way’ A Capella At A Mexican Orphanage

Shivers, meet spine.

07/20/2016 10:23 am ET Cole Delbyck Entertainment Writer, The Huffington Post

This might be her most powerful performance yet.

Lady Gaga took a no-frills approach to her acceptance anthem “Born This Way” during a visit to a Mexican orphanage over the weekend.

In the clip, Gaga ― who surprised the boys of Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas with gifts and school supplies ― also treated one child, Christian, to a song at his request. Kneeling on the floor, a stripped down Gaga belted out lyrics like, “There’s nothing wrong with loving who you are,” in front of perhaps her most captivated audience yet.

Casa Hogar thanked the singer for making the trip to spend time with the boys in a note on Facebook.

“Thank you to Lady Gaga for the surprise visit,” the post read. “She shared a healthy dinner for the children and brought backpacks and school supplies for each of the boys. She impressed children and staff with her beauty and humility.”

The “Til It Happens to You” singer shared some photos and videos (she skateboards!) of her own on social media from the trip, encouraging her many little monsters to donate to the organization.





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