Writing: Making Oneself Available to God is reason enough to provide quiet, uninterrupted time each day for writing.” by Barbara Vining


It was certainly because my thoughts, and the thoughts of my fellow Christian Scientists, were grounded in a spiritual understanding of identity, and of Christly love, that we were able to very naturally embrace and love a beautiful young woman, whom we had known as a boy who had blossomed into a fine young man, and love having her with us in our gatherings.

From the July 25, 2016 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel


“the blessings … through the spiritual discipline imposed by the writing process, are reason enough to provide quiet, uninterrupted time for myself each day for writing.” – Barbara Vining

Writing: making oneself available to God

From the August 1992 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Today when we hear the call “preach the gospel to every creature,” how do we respond? This column offers perspectives from a variety of individuals who have responded by writing. Yet the column isn’t so much about writing as it is about the healing activity of making the Word of God known and felt.

What the writer needs most is that mental stillness wherein God is reflected. To sit quietly alone with God—with pencil and pad and /or word processor— cherishing a humble, listening desire to let Him bring an idea into clear focus in your consciousness, is an un-selfed and holy adventure. Many battles with self— impatience, pride, doubt, envy, self-righteousness, and fear—are won. The time spent returns in time saved, because clear spiritual thinking manifests itself in greater poise, better decisions, and fewer mistakes in the course of your day.

I have found that writing really forces me to look honestly at my own thinking and give it to God to mold in His image. Also, it makes me more objective in considering how to present Christian Science in a manner understandable to others. It’s worth making sacrifices for. Won’t you join me? I’ll look forward to reading an article with your byline one day.

*Photos below – My Study where the daily bread was started. Click on link below to see data analysis of July numbers to seerkeroftruth.





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