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  1. Victor Seth Sargeant · September 18, 2016

    Robb Scott prepares the secret garden inside his student’s heart for seeds of enrichment, nurtured with the sweet water of love and Hope?
    Drawing out the vision of Future gifts, talents, of Infinite Fullfilment!
    Divine promises of many mansions and the Spirit of entitlement, always welcome Home.
    Amble supply, no need or want undenied to ones heart?
    Thoughts are things and things are thoughts?
    Open hands with an open heart, your cup runneth over always?
    Warm kisses on all your openings? ha
    God is good 24/7?
    What is Delber doing today? Is he free of need or want? Missing us?
    Chasing waiters? Waiving ignorantly at shocked new flesh?
    still working it out? Yes most likely?!
    Teaching is drawing out, not pushing stuff in?
    You missed
    Election Presidential madness up here!
    Hope Hilary wins?
    Bush lost millions of emails. I include you and Del in my daily prayers.
    Full moon tonight!
    Big hug and warm kiss on your fore head of course Robb


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