Ellen Degeneres/BBC Interview – Searching for home, family, inclusion and overcoming homophobia and racism.


It’s about searching for home and home can mean different things and family can mean different things.  It doesn’t necessary mean a mother and a father.  It doesn’t mean blood relatives.  It means who gets you.  Who really gets you and supports you and makes you feel good about being who you are and they love you for who you are.

Ellen Degeneres

BBC Breakfast 2016 July 25

Video – Published on Jul 25, 2016

Ellen Degeneres Interview – Talk ‘Finding Dory’ | Breakfast 2016


Our true home

From the July 27, 1998 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Neither you nor I have ever left
Our permanent home in God’s kingdom
Which Christ Jesus said “… is within you,” * And Science explains as “… within reach  of man’s consciousness here.”**

Our true home is in our hearts
Where God’s love, harmony, and peace reign supreme.




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