Oaxaca, sixth in suicides (Special) – Damed is the man who abandons himself.


I think “hope” is only a bane, a curse, if one thinks that that hope within will never be satisfied, the promise will never really show up. Then that hope can be something that just is a sense of always seeing the feast and never being able to eat it. As we see hope, I think, it is that connection to Truth that in itself IS the feast and an awareness that the one who PLANTED that hope is not a tease, but the Christ-Truth that is here to save us always.
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Oaxaca, sixth in suicides (Special)


Oaxaca, Oaxaca. | 20/10/2016 | 14:47:58

40% son menores de 24 anos

10% son menores de 14 anos


Oaxaca state ranks sixth nationally in terms of suicide, and that the entity for every 192 people who have died, one is suicide, which adds from 2005 to 2014, a total of  1382 suicides on average throughout the state, according to the “Statistics of suicides of the United Mexican States”, the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics (INEGI).

So 40 percent of these suicides are under 24 years, of which 10 percent are under 14 years, a problem that in recent years has been increasing since suicide has become a phenomenon to rise throughout the country, mainly in cities.

The sector is increasing suicide are children between 12 and 24 years, and that from 2011 to present, suicides increased by 50 percent. The most frequent factors are: lack of communication with their environment, loss of values, loneliness, family problems, financial problems, depression, anxiety, emotional problems and, in children, neglect and physical violence…


The video is a re-share.  SuperSoul Short: The Conditioned | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

After reading an article on hope our class had a discussion on it. Several students gave examples of how hope helped their families.

One shared how his family was in a car accident and how prayer made a big difference in their healing that followed.

Another student shared that he has yet to face any real trial or tribulation but recognized that perhaps the topic will have a profound effect on him in the future.  He went on to describe how his father almost lost their family farm but held on to hope and was able to save it.

A portion of the article is listed above and was read in its entirety by the class because hope is the major weapon against suicide.  The students added bullying as another main reason for youth suicide.

We briefly addressed what to do if they were being bullied.  Reach out and ask for help.  Find a teacher, a friend or parent.  Talk about it.  Ask for help and talk about it.

The students also cited alcohol as a major contributor to violence against youth within the family.  I got the feeling several were speaking from experience.

We finished our discussion with Oprah’s article on how a homeless man of 35 years (Raimundo Aarruda Sobrinho) finally had his dream fulfilled by having his poetry published and was reunited with his family.

Perhaps some viewed him as a person who gave up on hope.  But did he?  He continued to write poetry everyday and held on to his dream even when it seemed impossible to the human sense.

One person changed his life by taking the time to stop by and getting to know him.

How many people just walked on by all those years.  The Bible story of the good Samaritan comes to mind here.

Our class concluded with a discussion on a quote from Sobrinho’s poetry.

“Damed is the man who abandons himself.  These six words show that the worse a situation is, never, ever should a man consider it lost”.

Several students pulled me aside and thanked me for the “Hope” presentation and stated it had a positive impact on their lives and in a very good way.

“You taught us something to help us in life along with the English language.”

“Never give up, teacher.  This is what I will always remember when life gets tough”.

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