God’s abundant and awesome Love! By Laura Moliter (Poetic and Powerful Living Coach)


This song always reminds me of Jesus and his eternal love…. Love u jesus- 16 year old.




This a beautiful and creative video that is saying that when love hits you you’ll be willing to love them unconditionally and not necessarily between a man and a woman, it could be the love between a mother and a daughter or a man and another man. Either way, it has has a great meaning and it is a beautiful video and song. This is some of Katy’s best work.

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1 month ago


Video – Katy Perry – Unconditionally  – 300,857,174 views


Unconditional Love & Your Calling or Purpose

e-inspire, November 2nd

by Laura Moliter

“All the people you live among will see the Lord’s work, for what I am doing with you is awe-inspiring.” Exodus 34: 10, Holman Christian Standard Bible)

These words to Moses were a divine assurance that his trust and obedience would have a great impact—would in fact change the world. Moses was given a new law with the Ten Commandments. It would define God as the One and Only, and goodness as not only a nice way to be, but absolutely necessary for living peacefully, happily, safely and honestly.

God’s revelation to Moses was not simply some secret he could cherish on his own. It was meant to be seen by all. In fact, the power of God’s word as revealed to Moses, couldn’t be hidden. Yes, it would cause conflict and question and fear at times. But a new idea, from the heart of goodness, is so often denied by the mortal mind, attached as it is to limits, negativity, and materiality.

The Lord’s work being done through you is no less significant or life-changing. When God acts—expressing His goodness, Love, light, beauty—it can’t fail to be awe-inspiring. Those creative ideas; that purpose to help and heal; your sincere desire to be and do good, is a great thing. Realize that when you consciously connect with God’s directive to you, His commanding goodness for your life and your work in it, you not only find yourself satisfied, you inspire awe in others as well.

This is not a personal egotistical thing. It is glorifying God! For it is God’s own light being made known through you because of His powerful intention and His abundant and awesome Love!

Laura Moliter, Poetic and Powerful Living Coach


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