The healing of Oscar Norin, a high diver exhibitionist whom Mary Baker Eddy met at the Concord State Fair.


When fear disappears, the foundation of disease is gone.

Mary Baker Eddy

(Science and Health pg. 368:31)


“One time there was a state fair held at the back of Pleasant View, Mrs. Eddy’s home, and there was a man who dived from a high place into some water. Mrs. Eddy with Judge and Mrs. Ewing in the carriage drove down to see him dive, and he came up afterwards to speak to her and she took him into the drawing-room.  Then Mrs. Eddy went on to speak about fear, and said. “You are able to dive because you have overcome fear.” He said, Yes, he had no fear whatever, he had practiced for a long time taking a higher and higher dive till he could do it without fear.

Then Mrs. Eddy said: “Use that overcoming of fear on your eyes.” The man had dark glasses on and said: “Well, I damaged one eye so that the eyeball had to be taken out, and that is why I wear glasses, because the eye is unpleasant to look at.”

The cabman who took this man to the station told afterwards that when the man got to the station he took off his glasses, and his eye was completely restored, so that both eyes were the same.

From a physical, biological standpoint that kind of healing is impossible. This healing is remarkable, because of Mary Baker Eddy’s statement to him that the key for his healing lies in his overcoming of fear. She said, use that overcoming of fear on your eyes. As a high diver he demonstrated daily what is deemed to be impossible, diving from a high platform into a small shallow pool. It is as if Mary Baker Eddy had reminded him that he had already overcome his ‘fear’ to face the impossible.

David Keyston, The Healer: The Healing Works of Mary Baker Eddy, p.162 – Healing Unlimited



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