My Girls on Home and Family with a CS Perspective.


Teacher, my mother was an orphan who had a lot of health problems.  But then she married my father and his mother and father then became her parents too.  As a result, all her health problems left as she is now happy and surrounded by love.



I never had any sisters in my life and yet somehow my students in the photo below fulfilled that desire and the memories have stayed with me. We played games, laughed and had an opportunity to all watch “The Butterfly Circus” together all while the class learned English.  In the discussion following the movie clip one student shared that in real life the “limbless man” who is  Nick Vujicic attempted suicide at age 10 due to rejection by the mother. But he went on to find healing and became a motivational speaker traveling to over 40 countries.

Perhaps there are times when the teacher becomes the student. I will always be grateful for them as our class felt like family.  Perhaps they were all angels entertained unaware.  But I was aware,  grateful for the moment and it felt healing.  

I could end by saying I will miss them all but perhaps they are all a part of me now like a piece that fits into a puzzle.  And it felt healing.




From the October 1942 issue of The Christian Science Journal

 Home is where’er the Father-Mother God,
The Lord of peace and permanence, abides.
Whatever paths in weariness we plod,
Home is the haven where the heart confides
Its need of Him, and in unceasing prayer,
Turning from paths where mortal fancies roam.
And entertaining angels unaware.
Finds the true meaning of eternal home.
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