Thanksgiving Lesson: Live to Give! by Virginia Harris, CSB

Thanksgiving Lesson: Live to Give!

A national appreciation of the importance of gratitude in daily life, memorialized by a federal holiday, is quite a gift to citizens, don’t you think? Thanksgiving has been a national holiday in the United States for over 150 years and almost as long in Canada. Gratitude is an established tradition!

Whether one gathers with friends or family, or simply pauses from a daily routine, this holiday is an important reminder to reflect on evidence of blessings over the past year. Everyone can count on something to be grateful for! And here’s the thing: the good received is real enough, but the desire to acknowledge and be grateful for the entire sum of good! – well, that fills the heart to overflowing.

So it occurred to me, what to do with an overflowing heart? Share the spiritual wealth of good, right? Blessings are kind of like currency – unless and until they are circulated, the value isn’t compounded. To be truly, deeply grateful for past blessings means being a thanks-giver tomorrow!

Ask yourself, what do I have to give unconditionally, unhesitatingly, genuinely, and joyfully? The answer is already at hand because you have from divine Soul what everyone wants…kindness, respect, compassion, forgiveness, patience, dignity. This is your inherent spiritual grace offered with a smile, a hug, a listening ear, an open door to let someone go first, or a pause for a driver to enter the busy lane ahead of you. The day is filled with opportunities to live your soul-full giving.

Wait, there’s more! Giving is contagious – your radiance of grace reignites the inherent goodness of the recipient who is then impelled to give to another. And another…and another…and another. Giving bestows spiritual energy and light on the moments of life right where and when light is needed.

Today you might be the giver – tomorrow you might be the givee!

“…freely ye have received, freely give.” – Christ Jesus


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