Lady Gaga Healing & Saving Our Youth – No more Family Rejection


I cannot think of a crueler and more destructive expression of homophobia in our time than having hundreds of thousands of teens be rejected by their families, deprived of love, and driven to utter destitution. No teenager who comes out of the closet should be thrown into the streets. And together, if we stand up and lift up our voices for them, we will make sure they can find a home.


Executive Director, Ali Forney Center


Published on Nov 25, 2016

Lady Gaga was extremely loving and caring. She brought us nice gifts at the Ali Forney center a community safe space for young LGBT youth. We were all grateful to have her angelic soul in our presence


Lady Gaga Wows Homeless LGBTQ Youth With Surprise Performance

“I want this to affect other people around the world.”

28/11/2016 11:07 AM CST | Actualizado 28/11/2016 9:36 PM CST

Lady Gaga opted to forgo holiday shopping in favor of bringing some much-needed cheer to homeless LGBTQ youth this Black Friday.

The 30-year-old pop diva popped in at the Ali Forney Center’s Brooklyn housing site on Friday, leading the shelter’s clients in a meditation session before performing an acoustic rendition of her latest single, “Million Reasons.” You can check out a video of her live performance above, and take a look at a snapshot of her meditating with the group Saturday below.

“I’m here today not because I had to excruciatingly pull time out of my schedule to come be here,” Gaga, who is a longtime supporter of the queer community, reportedly told the crowd. “I’m here because I want to be here. And I’m here because I want this to affect other people around the world, and to remind them that when they are kind, it not only makes the other person feel good, but it makes me feel good, too.”

AFC founder Carl Siciliano told The Huffington Post that the performance was extremely meaningful for the center’s clients and residents, many of whom “have been rejected by their families.”

“It was beyond wonderful to see the ecstatic joy that Lady Gaga’s visit brought to the young people who make the Ali Forney Center their home,” he said.

Gaga was actually the second superstar to drop by the Ali Forney Center, which is nation’s largest advocacy group dedicated to homeless LGBTQ youth, last week. On Thanksgiving Day, Madonna visited the center with her children David and Mercy James in tow, and later posed for a photo with Siciliano and the center’s clients.




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