Beauty and The Beast – Disney films let youth know it’s ok to be different by breaking the spell of bigotry with A CS Perspective.


LGBT youth can uniquely identify with Disney protagonists who are usually outcasts who don’t fit in or feel at home.  Many are cast apart from society through family and religious rejection.   This results in high rates of suicide attempts or their searching for relief with the false landmarks.  

Only unconditional love can save them.  But divine Love was there all along. Some just believed the lie that they were unwanted, unloved or unequal.  Perhaps this is dedicated to all those we lost along the way to the human sense.  

You are all loved and at one with Father-Mother God.  

So let loves splendid shining break the spell of bigotry.  As Mrs. Eddy observed: “To break this earthly spell, mortals must get the true idea and divine Principle of all that really exists and governs the universe harmoniously. This thought is apprehended slowly, and the interval before its attainment is attended with doubts and defeats as well as triumphs” (Science and Health).  

“The movie works and will live on forever because the message is about pure love,” said Benson, who voiced the snarling and short-tempered Beast. “It’s not about how pretty somebody is, but about someone’s heart and soul. The love between Belle and the Beast is honest, and that makes the film so special.”


Video Trailer Published on Nov 14, 2016

Suppose the rainbow was all one color, the garden one color, the mountains one size and shape, the forest one color, one height, one length of limb? Reality, God’s creation, is not like this. Spirit is expressed in diversity—in contrasts, different colors, shapes, hues. Diversity gives scenes beauty.

For many years I thought of people’s differentness from me as something to fear, something that could hurt me, and this state of thought produced constant intensity, defensive alertness, and competitive strife. The ideal solution? If everyone thought as I thought and acted as I acted, everything would be fine. Then I realized how boring and unnecessary so much in life would be if everyone were exactly like me! For the first time I became grateful for differences—different viewpoints, approaches, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This diversity hints at the infinitude of the one Mind, one Love, one Life—our Father-Mother God. I recognized more fully the glory of God and His handiwork.


The big reveal Thursday was seeing how the Beast (Dan Stevens) will look on the big screen. We're not sure how we're feeling about the look.

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