A Christmas gift from Thomas Mitchinson CSB, my students and those who helped me.


Singing, hoping and forgiving can all promote healing.  I had an opportunity to learn and demonstrate this in 2016.  

Thank you God for a great year and the Christmas gifts seen in the photos below and the previous photos posted on this site of my students. I learned so much and am so grateful for these demonstrations.

As one student stated: “We are your family, teacher”.  This reminds me of Danielle Steel’s post: “God puts the solitary in families.”

Also, special thanks to all those who made this site possible and participated in it or just read it.  

I am truly grateful for Christian Science and to those who helped me get settled in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Some you of helped me with food and another shelter at a time when I desperately needed both.  I never found even an offering at my branch churches in Chicago after leaving a lucrative career in pharmaceutical sales due to their lack of integrity.  I’ll be writing more on both later.  Stay tuned!

Christian Science was a light when all other lights went out and led to healing where I least expected it.

One person whom I helped metaphysically said he is no longer suicidal.  Our candle light talks late into the night were “always full of a bright, positive, Mary Baker Eddy lightness” (Judy Collins).   

He stated during one of our phone conversations: Thank you for being my friend.  The feeling was mutual as Love is reflected in Love.  He use to work at The Mother Church and The Christian Science Monitor years ago.  

He shared healings he has received from Christian Science regardless of him being gay to the human sense.  This contradicts one antigay CSB who told me “you people will never receive healing.”  He was also cut off financially and ostracized from a wealthy family for being gay.  It resulted in great hardship and adversity.  The same thing happened to me.

But Love found a way to bring us together and it felt healing and saving.

Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL Mankind.



Wham! – “Last Christmas”:  Class song we all sang together at school.




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