Christmas Special – 8 Tiny Christmas Gifts That Will Make You Happier.

Thank you, teacher.  You taught us about life as well as the English language.



We had a discussion on the 8 tiny habits of happiness (see article below) with my conversation class.  After reading and discussing the article the class was asked to share which one of the habits was their strength and which one they needed to work on the most.  The overwhelming majority chose forgiveness (see below #4) as an opportunity needed for growth.  Most stated: Teacher, forgiveness is so hard to do.  How do you even define it?

Those who were struggling with forgiveness in their own life (myself included) asked if somebody could choose their topic of discussion on forgiveness to present to the class.  But the person who volunteered backed out.  So I showed the Oprah video (below) and it helped the class.  They realized it is something you do for yourself and it is not saying that what happened to you is in anyway ok.

You let go and live on to free yourself.  And the worse the situation is that happened to you the more important it is to forgive or that venom only destroys yourself.  Oprah gives some very serious examples of forgiveness in her video.   And forgiveness doesn’t mean that you have to go back into a harmful or toxic environment or family.

Next, Respect (see below #3) was one listed by the class as their strength and can best be compared to the golden rule.  On the side of the mountain, where our class terrace faces, it says: The respect of others is peace by Benito Juárez in Spanish (see photo below). The class agreed if the world lived by this rule then there would be no war.

Perhaps the United States could learn a lesson here rather than focusing on “a crude sense of nationalism, tribalism or ethnic identity that is built around an Us vs Them” (President Obama). But you did it to yourselves (United States) by voting for Donald Trump. His campaign was “fueled by attacks on Mexican-Americans, racism, bigotry, attacks on woman, attacks on Latinos, attacks on Muslims and even the disabled. Think about what this means to America” (Elizabeth Warren – U.S. Senator for Massachusetts).


Finally, Michael Moore best summed it up by stating: “Trump’s election is going to be the biggest f**k you ever recorded in American history.”

God bless America and forgive those who know not what they’ve done.


Video – Oprah’s Life Class on Forgiveness

8 Tiny Habits That Will Make You Happier

Sometimes the tiniest habits make the biggest difference.


By Lolly Daskal – President and CEO, Lead From Within

Everything around us is changing at warp speed, it seems–but some things will always remain the same. That’s why habits are so powerful. Some of the smallest of our daily habits have the power to always give us happiness and help steer us toward success.

Here are eight little habits that can make a big difference in your life and work:


1. Early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise. Numerous studies have linked early rising with success. An early morning wake-up carries benefits that include better planning and anticipation of problems, and more time to exercise, pray or meditate, and do the things that make you happy. Waking up an hour early pays off far more than it takes away.

2. Happiness comes to those who are curious. There is no stage in life when we can’t be learning something valuable. As long as you live, there will be something to learn, and as long as you follow your heart and your passions, you won’t miss out on learning. The tiny habit of being open to learning means you will always benefit, because life will never stop teaching.

3. Be the most respectful person you know. Respect is both given and earned through the habit of having reverence for people–listening to them, acknowledging their feelings, and treating them with high regard. The tiny habit of respect means you need to treat everyone with kindness. When you do, you are creating your own happiness.

4. Forgiveness takes you one step closer to your happiness. Make a habit of not holding grudges. They do nothing but weigh you down and infringe on your own happiness and success. Begin by forgiving yourself–an act that will allow you to take risks and accomplish great things. Then, exercise your empathy and compassion in forgiving others.

5. Achievement of integrity is the purpose of your life. Great men and women are not extraordinary superhumans, but ordinary people doing ordinary things with integrity. Integrity means honesty and fairness and doing what is right, even when it’s hard. When you make integrity a habit, nothing else matters.

6. The groundwork of all happiness is health. How you take care of yourself will make an enormous difference in the quality of your life. The tiny habits of caring for your body and spirit will give you the energy and stamina to tackle your goals and tasks–plus boost your overall well-being.

7.Believe in yourself and all that you are. Nothing will ever make you happier than having confidence in yourself. Confidence is the key to success–the thing that lets you look at the past without regret, stay grounded in the present, and prepare for the future without fear.

8. A day well spent gets you a good night sleep. Get enough sleep! It makes you feel healthier and happier, and it goes way beyond just boosting your mood or banishing exhaustion. Adequate sleep is a key part of your health and inner happiness. When you sleep better, you can live better and find more happiness.

It doesn’t take a huge effort to make a significant change in your life–just one or two tiny habits may be all you need. Get started today and you’ll soon be experiencing the rewards.

To read more on forgiveness visit the site below:


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