Christmas Testimonies from Oaxaca, Tony Lobl’s Christmas Eve Talk Live From NYC & Pentatonix

The Joys of Christmas



by Rob Scott, CS

December 24, 2016

I had a student share what turned out to be an inspiring story with me.  He was in a car accident a few years ago and the doctors told his parents that he would not live.  He was in a coma for one month.

Prior to the accident my student stated he was involved in unhealthy activities.  He was heading down the wrong path chasing after the false landmarks.

But after the accident he left all that behind and went on to become a nurse  helping other people.

The icing on the cake is when he introduced me to his family.  He has a young son and another baby on the way.  I felt such love and purity in the eyes of his wife as she greeted me with a smile.

This moment was surreal because if he had not lived none of his family would have existed.  And if the accident did not occur he would be on the same tired, old path to nowhere.  I was truly happy for him and his family.

Later, in private, I asked this student if he could go back in time and erase that fateful day of the car accident would he want that.  But if he did then he would be back on the same old path chasing the false landmarks.

He responded no.  He would let the accident happen because that is what changed his life for the better.  But he also shared that he is saddened by how much pain the accident caused his parents.

I know that Christian Science is based on Jesus’ healing ministry which showed sickness or accidents are not the will of an all-loving God.

So perhaps this was an example of serendipity because after the coma he saw how sacred life is and now visits his mother everyday.  He always would shake my hand before and after leaving class.  He was eager to learn and very smart.  I saw a glow around him of peace and goodness.  He even asked me how to say extra things in English that he could teach his son.  He even wrote them down.

I am grateful to have crossed paths with him.  Imagine all that went on before for the both of us to be in that classroom at that moment in time discussing healing.

Another student who attended this class was a mom working a full time job, going to school and raising two children.  I understood her hardship and told her I would stay after class and help her with grammar if needed.  She grabbed me and hugged me after our last class.

Finally, another student from this class pulled me aside and told me he almost quit the first week of class because of my native American accent.  But he didn’t give up and stated that is what helped him grow the most.  I talked with him about hope and to never, never give up.  Hope is active and showing up for the hard work.  Hope is a belief and expectation that you can do it!  He demonstrated this and went on to pass the class.- See Photo Below

May God bless us all and the people we serve.

And for those wishing for some spiritual ideas to focus on tonight, here’s a reminder of Tony Lobl’s webcast Christmas Eve talk, accompanied by music appropriate for the occasion (music 6:45pm, talk 7:30pm, live in NYC = 11:45pm and 12:30am GMT). Click on link below for further information.

Christmas greetings (and Christmas Eve event reminder!)



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