Dad, You Are My Role Model. I Love You More Than You Can Know, Ryan Robertson. Gone Too Soon – A Heart Breaking Letter on Love, loss and Forgiveness through Grace.


You are beautiful, strong, powerful. I want more from you. Take your place. I want every single one of you, young man, young woman, turn to the next person standing alongside of you. Grab them and hug them and tell them that you love ’em. Tell them, ‘If you need anything, come to me.’ ‘If you need somebody to talk to, come to me.’ ‘I’ll give you the shoulder, I’ll give you the hug. I’ll feed you, I’ll clothe you if you need it. That’s how you start from this moment. When you leave this reunion today, you take that with you.

Tyler Perry’s -Madea’s Family Reunion


In my conversation class I asked everyone to give a presentation on their favorite superhero because they all seemed passionate about superheros’ as they discussed all the new movies out about them. But what moved me to the core was when each one of them asked me if they could talk about a parent and three people even picked Jesus as their superhero.

One girl chose Jesus because she had a father who was a minister and she found her way out of depression by reading the Bible in English. I got to meet him after class one day and shake his hand. Thank God that she passed my class with a high score due to her extra reading of the Bible in English.  Yet we avoided getting to a class discussion on religion.

Another woman shared how her father worked from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM six days a week to support their family with two jobs. He stressed the importance of education with his children. This student, who is much older than the others, shared that her son recently graduated from Harvard University with a Phd. Sadly, her father passed on at the age of 56 and her only brother died shortly after from a car accident. But her father’s dream of education for her came true and and it effected future generations too. I will always remember when she came to pick up her diploma and she grabbed and hugged me. She was full of such love and grace. The love of family is one of my greatest lessons learned here in Mexico.


Maya Angelou – In And Out Of Time

This is one of my favorite Maya poems and it was featured in the Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion. Watch as it is as it under two minutes and the message from Maya Angelou’s poetry of love shines through.


Just Because He Breathes

Learning to Truly Love our Gay Son…

by Linda Robertson


One of the best gifts about the ten months we had with Ryan before his death was the time we were given to ask forgiveness for the things we had not understood, the things we had said that were hurtful and the ways we had communicated less than unconditional love for Ryan in the years right after he had come out to us. We had done some of that work in family counseling before he started using, but what a gift it was to be able to tell Ryan much more fully all that God had taught us while he was missing.

And Ryan had so much grace for us. When we are lacking grace for ourselves, all we have to do is to remember that Ryan himself had forgiven us, not only in his words and actions, but in a letter he wrote to Rob on Father’s Day, 2009…only 9 days before we got the call from Harborview Medical Center that changed our lives forever.


I’m SO proud to be able to say that you are my father, and I always have been. When I was little you were my hero. When we had our differences, the pain I felt reflected the depth of my love for you. When we were estranged from each other, I still bragged about my dad, the firefighter.

I don’t know how it is possible, but today, I am more proud to be your son than ever before. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have the rare quality of relationship that I have with you. Things have definitely changed now that I am an adult, and the respect which you have shown me upon that transition is almost uncanny, but it is love in its truest form. I feel I should, in turn, show you a gesture of respect, from the bottom of my heart, due to realizations upon my maturations.

In my mind, it would be a great shame to let you say you have come up short as a father. You are the best damn Father that I know of, and I can guarantee that 99% of the human population would have miserably failed if they tried to walk in your shoes. The responsibility that you have carried in our family has been enormous, and I am at a loss to understand how you are still standing. Well, I do know…it is because of your faith in God.

You have shown me again and again what it means to be a real man. To love unconditionally, to treat people with dignity and respect, to persevere through seemingly insurmountable tasks, to protect those dear to you, to stand up for your beliefs, to do the right thing even when others disagree, to give your best in everything you do and to trust God above all else. You have always loved me deeply, and have done what you thought was best for me. How could that ever have been a mistake?

Dad, you are my role model. I love you more than you can know.

– Ryan
June 21, 2009

Definition of GRACE

Ryan lived grace. He had received grace. He gave grace. He oozed grace. And this letter is a great example of that. We miss you, our beautiful, beautiful boy.

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