Finding Housing and Off to Boston & Booth Bay Harbor, Maine for Healing After the Death of My Surrogate Father.


This movie [ Stealing Home: Mark Harmon, Jodie Foster ] has provided many with a spiritual awakening.. When I was in college, I got caught up in partying a little too much and found myself in a “low” period of mental and physical well being. For a guy, it’s tough to admit, but this movie brought me through a very trying time in my junior year of college and 20 years later this movie and David Foster’s score is engrained in my soul.. I have two beautiful daughters now that I will pass this down to when they come of the right age.. I wish Jodie Foster would speak more of this film.. It was some of her best work.. 🙂



Video clip – After the funeral of Billy’s father in Stealing Home.


booth-bay-2The following is the answered prayer I received after being kicked out of my branch church and finding help elsewhere.

It was clear I wasn’t going to receive any help from them after sleeping in the church at night clandestinely.

So I received a call from my surrogate father’s family who found me accommodations at a friend of theirs for a month.

I had just finished speaking at my surrogate father’s memorial service and was left a container of his ashes which I planned on taking care of later.

I was hit hard after the memorial service and broke down crying in my surrogate father’s car in the branch church parking lot when a student of Christian Science reached out to me via phone at that exact moment who was a friend of my surrogate dad and former worker at The Mother Church and The Christian Science Monitor.  He listened and gave me guidance after being kicked out.  We have spoken almost every night since then and and the helping and healing has been mutual.

But I had a feeling that I needed to get out of Chicago and into nature to mourn the loss of the man whose hand I held as he passed on ward and upward.  He was the closest to a father I have ever had.  I wrote about him in my blog post shortly after his passing.

It was instantly clear that if  Mrs. Eddy hadn’t given up because of discouragement and difficulties after the loss of her supportive husband, Asa Eddy, then I couldn’t give up either after the loss of my surrogate father in September of 2015.

I remember Mrs. Eddy leaving and spending time at a student’s house in Vermont after the death of Asa Eddy where she mourned and wrote a poem .

I prayed to God for a quiet place in nature to mourn, read and write along with the help of CS practitioner.

The prayer was answered.

Some time latter I spoke with a fellow student of Christian Science who lived in Boston and worked for The Mother Church at the time.  He mentioned he was going to close up his summer house at Booth Bay Harbor, Maine and would be  staying there for a few weeks in the October.  He invited me to Boston where we visited The Mother Church and then we drove up together to Booth Bay Harbor a few days later.  I spent approximately two weeks there and it felt healing.

I woke up the first morning at his summer home 35 feet from the water during high tide with a roaring fire in the fire place, bacon and eggs on the stove and a hot beverage. I felt home when I needed it most.

Thank you.

We listened to the Sunday CS service together over the internet, visited art galleries, and went lobster fishing with his uncle who lived next door who kept his boat in the water only a few feet from his house.

Thus the picture is me holding a 20 lb lobster as they were in season and it was delicious.  I even named him lobby but realized that was a mistake because I had to eat him.

One night during low tide we went down to a small stone island in my friends back yard which appeared and laid on our backs looking up at the Milky Way.  It was the brightest and most beautiful I have ever seen as we talked about life.

I did a lot of reading there from Science and Health to Danielle Steel’s new book, Blue.  See review below.

Ginny Carter was once a rising star in TV news, married to a top anchorman, with a three-year-old son and a full and happy life in Beverly Hills—until her whole world dissolved in a single instant on the freeway two days before Christmas. In the aftermath, she pieces her life back together and tries to find meaning in her existence as a human rights worker in the worst areas around the globe.
Then, on the anniversary of the fateful accident—and wrestling with the lure of death herself—she meets a boy who will cause her life to change forever yet again. Thirteen-year-old Blue Williams has been living on the streets, abandoned by his family, rarely attending school, and utterly alone. Following her instincts, Ginny reaches out to him. Leery of everyone, he runs from her again and again. But he always returns, and each time, their friendship grows.
Blue glows with outsized spirit and an irresistible mix of innocence and wisdom beyond his years. Ginny offers him respect as they form an unusual bond and become the family they each lost. But just as Blue is truly beginning to trust her, she learns of a shocking betrayal that he has been hiding. Is it a wound too deep to heal, or will she be able to fight the battle that will make them both whole again?
Blue is #1 New York Times bestselling author Danielle Steel at her finest, a probing and emotionally gripping story of dark secrets revealed, second chances, and the power of love and courage to overcome life’s greatest challenges.

I know Danielle Steel use to be a student of Christian Science at one time.  I love her books because they are about  finding hope and healing in the heart of darkness.  Ironic that her book came to me at that exact time and contributed to my healing along with my metaphysical work.

We also watched my favorite movie Steeling Home with Jodi Foster one night.  See review below.

Mark Harmon is a washed-up baseball player who is called back home to handle the ashes of his childhood sweetheart/ first love who had committed suicide. As he searches for what to do with them, he remembers the past and the relationship they had. In doing so he finds himself again.

A washed up, middled-aged ballplayer recalls the summer his father died, his mother attempted a one night stand, and he and his best friend lost their virginity, as he travels back to his childhood home to collect the earthly remains of a woman whom he hasn’t seen for twenty years, yet whose influence has hung over him his entire life.

I am grateful for these experiences and to all the students of Christian Science that made this happen.  One even provided the plane ticket during this time of great need and healing.

Thank you all who were involved in making this possible for but most of all thank you, God.

Healing was under way for in one of the most beautiful spots in the world with a great companion.

Thus I am starting my New Year off with gratitude while learning from the past, hoping for the future and being fully present in the moment.

Sending you all love, hope and peace in the New Year (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

To read more on New Year ResolutionsLove More: a New Year’s Resolution


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