CS Sentinel & Barbara Streisand Sound Off On An Attack Against Christian Science.


In “Be ye kind”: “Christian Science teaches us the nature of divine Love, the Principle of kindness, its unerring rule, and how it can be unfailingly proved and manifested in our human experience. In the degree that we understand this Principle, it can be scientifically demonstrated that there is a divine law which underlies its perfect expression.” And “The aim of Christian Science is to heal and harmonize every condition or situation that is wrong. Nothing can accomplish this but spiritual understanding, which is the basis of all true kindness.”

– Eye on the World

Barbra Streisand has a gay son, Jason Gould.


I left quickly, mentally pleading for God to erase the awful incident from my consciousness. I was afraid forgiveness would be beyond my capacity, but instantly the thought came, “Take no offense.” I’d prayed from time to time with the concepts in an article called “Taking offense,” included in Mary Baker Eddy’s Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896 (pp. 223–224), and I was grateful for the instant refreshment this nudge brought me in that disturbing moment.


…  I had often lamented what seemed like a lack of diversity in the Christian Science community, so, upon receiving the practitioner’s helpful insight, I was awakened by the thought, “Good try, devil, but it’s too late; I’m already ‘in love,’ ” meaning I was already ‘in love’ with practicing Christian Science; I was already deeply committed and devoted to its teachings and also knew that I lived in divine Love, where evil has no power or influence over me. 

Gratefully, I was beyond being persuaded by tempting thoughts such as: “Christian Scientists are just as prejudiced as anybody else!” And, “Why align yourself with these people?” I put those suggestions aside because my overarching thought in the midst of this incident was, “Christian Science is the truth, and I will stick with it, trusting Father-Mother God to heal this imposition on humanity.”

From the October 2016 issue of The Christian Science Journal


Image result for morgan freeman - attacking people with disabilities



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