A Gift of Hope – Part 2 – Response To The CSMonitor Commentary: “Stuck in the hope category”.


The gift of hope passes from hand to hand, like a baton.  We’re all in this together.  Meeting the needs of others is humbling.  And I think Albert Einstein had it right when he said, ‘The only life worth living is a life lived in service to others.’  May God bless you, and the people we serve.  


With all my love,

Danielle Steel

A Gift of Hope « Danielle Steel


We also give them hope: the realization that someone cares about them and good things can happen even at the worst of times.

… sometimes making a difference in the world, a big difference, happens one person at a time.

A Secret Mission On the Streets, Newsweek, June 23, 2008

Danielle Steel



Video -“The error got to it” which initially prevented the fire.  Never take away somebody’s hope.
Yes, hope is an important transitional quality, not to be overlooked because other states of mind seem more powerful. In the section of Science and Health where Mrs. Eddy outlines a transition from hope, faith, understanding, fruition, reality,  it’s not a set-in-stone trajectory. We feel hopeful when we spot encouraging signs, from seeing others’ victories or harking back to our own victories in the past. I sometimes compare hope to small sticks, faith to larger sticks, understanding to larger logs, etc.  You can’t start a camp-fire with only large logs unless under the driest of conditions. Those little sticks definitely come in handy. Fruition and reality can then circle around, and up comes a fresh batch of hope or vision. Hope doesn’t just disappear  because we don’t need it anymore. I survived a very cold night  near the Grand Canyon thanks to  little sticks (call them hope!). No logs around, not many larger sticks, but there were plenty of little sticks to compensate for the fact that my sleeping bag was too skimpy and there was snow on the ground.
So write on, Rob!
Name Withheld, CS

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