A much-loved hymn in the Christian Science Hymnal says (No. 34): Great are companions such as these.

“In divine reality there is no lack of true companionship”

“God setteth the solitary in families”

From the March 11, 1961 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Most of the problems of material existence spring from the false premise that man, the expression of God, can be separated from his source. Who can seem to be more alone than the child chastened by a loving parent, believing that he is cut off from the sympathy of the one he holds most dear! Adolescents, lacking in their understanding of divine Love, sometimes feel adrift and apart from the family circle. The realization that each child of God is precious to the Father and has never broken away from the presence of good brings healing and comfort to these young people.

“A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in his holy habitation. God setteth the solitary in families.”

The Bible is replete with promises of love and friendship, showing that the Father-Mother of all is forever giving succor and joy to those who turn to Him for comfort.

(Ps. 68:5, 6)

A much-loved hymn in the Christian Science Hymnal says (No. 34):

Once more the lonely heart is fed.
Who dwells with Love hath perfect
Faith, hope, and joy are with us all;
Great are companions such as these.


I am in the photo below with a married couple from my school both of whom treated me with love and kindness.  Thank you, God.

My friend’s mother was left to raise eight children alone after his father walked out on all of them one day and never returned.  They never heard from him again.

As a result, my friend worked through his negative emotions at the gym rather than using drugs and alcohol and went on to became a fitness instructor.  They have included me in activities with their families.

I found love and fellowship in Oaxaca that I could not find in my own family or local branch churches in Chicago.

Perhaps the love was missing from the structure of Truth and Love.  I wonder what Mrs. Eddy would have to say if she were around to the human sense today.

imagesPerhaps it took the unconditional love of my students, none of whom spoke negatively of gay people, to heal my heart.  There are days I literally feel a warm glow around it that is hard to articulate.

Perhaps it is called healing.

One student asked: “If you could give us one gift teacher what would you give?” I responded: “The gift of hope.  Never, Never, Never,  give up!”

My hope after they move on from my class is that they all have good lives full of love and happiness.  Most already found that within their immediate family.  Perhaps that is my lesson learned here – the strength and love of family.

Perhaps I had a sense of that with my grandmother who was a Journal listed CS back when it was harder to become listed in the Journal.  She was pure love and the real deal before she moved onward and upward.  Perhaps she is part of me now (the good part) to the human sense.

Thank you Father-Mother God. I wouldn’t have made it without You and the study of Christian Science.

The two greatest support systems are faith and family.  And Oprah once said you’re lucky if you have two good friends in life.

Finally, I will always remember my previous Regional Business Director who stated: “If you want to find out who your real friends and family are then wait until something bad happens.”

Perhaps he should have also added that your faith will be severely tested as well.



Resultado de imagen para oaxaca, mexico
Resultado de imagen para oaxaca, mexico

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