“A Friend like Me!” by Thomas Mitchinson (CSB/COP).


My three wishes: 1. To be able to speak to the dead for one hour. Then I could go to Walt Disney and say, “Thank you for my childhood.” Then I’d go to Robin Williams and tell him, “We, everyone on Earth, we miss you so much, and we wish that you didn’t have to die like that…but we understand that you were in pain. We miss you, and we remember you. We will never forget you.” Then I’d go to my best friend and tell her, “I love you, I miss you so much, I’m going to name my daughter after you…” (Okay, I’m getting emotional writing this, sorry!) 2. To have my parents be more accepting and tolerant of the world, including me. To not be embarrassed of me just because I still like Disney movies and enjoy watching cartoons. 3. To have the ability to really understand what pets are saying! XD I love animals!


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“A Friend like Me!”

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