“Lion” (A Search for Home) – Academy Award Nominations, Mothering, Unconditional Love, and a Class Discussion on Gratitude.


This movie is emotional but life affirming.  It’s putting goodness into the world.

This is about mothering.  It’s about the essence of what mothering is and unconditional love.

The love (the unconditional love) you feel in this movie is not just for adoptive mothers but … mothers.

Nicole Kidman


“Lion” – Academy Award Nominations


Image result for academy awards 2017
Best Picture
2017 · Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, Angie Fielder
Best Supporting Actor
2017 · Dev Patel
Best Supporting Actress
2017 · Nicole Kidman
Best Original Music Score
2017 · Dustin O’Halloran, Volker Bertelmann
Best Writing Adapted Screenplay
2017 · Luke Davies
Best Cinematography
2017 · Greig Fraser

Nicole Kidman: New Film ‘Lion’ Is About The Essence Of Being A Mother


I asked my conversation class to speak about something they were grateful for as their assignment for class.

We then passed a ball randomly to different students so they could share something with the class.

I was moved to the core by what one student shared.  His father died when he was only 10 years old and his mother had to take over and keep the family together and uplifted.  As a result, this student stated he wants to make his mother proud of him.  He said it is this thought that keeps him away from drugs and alcohol.  Thus his mother is what he is most grateful for.

Several other students spoke of their gratitude for all the love received from their families.

One student even got up and stated he was grateful for God and all the blessings in his life.  He included me as his teacher.  I share this in deep humility.

We did not get into a discussion on religion.  But the school has a discussion card on God.  Thus when asked in a variety of my classes what the students would want God to be they always say Love.

Only one student declined to share something when she received the ball as her eyes filled with tears.

Surprisingly, this particular class then gave me the ball and asked me to share what I was most grateful for.

I responded by simply saying: “this moment”.



"The dearest spot on earth" by Tony Lobl.png


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