A life saving message from Virginia Harris, C.S.B, The CSMonitor and Oscar Winner -“Moonlight”.

Video – ‘Moonlight’ Star, Andre Holland 

In his review of “Moonlight,” Monitor film critic Peter Rainer wrote that “Full-out, richly layered acting need not clash with the mood, as triumphantly demonstrated by Ali, Harris, [André] Holland, and [Janelle] Monáe. There may not be a better quartet of performances in a single movie this year.”  

In an interview with Indiewire, Ali said, “I had an emotional reaction to this project [‘Moonlight’]. That’s not par for the course for me. I could see and hear the characters, and had a good sense of the world. And I had wanted to work with Barry. It was the best ­– if more difficult – work experiences of my life.” 

“Tarell and I knew people like this growing up,” Jenkins said. “They exist. Juan is not the ‘magical Negro‘ who sells drugs and teaches kids how to swim. Tarell was actually taught how to swim by a local drug dealer. I’m sure there are men just like him all over the country, who are doing some untoward things, but on the other hand, also do some very charitable and nurturing things. There’s room within these men for multitudes.”



1001669_1_amelia-newcomb_standardAnd take a look at our graphic below. You might not have thought that marriage equality legislation could drive down youth suicide rates. But it looks like it has, particularly for sexual minorities. Check it out – and be reminded of what a “you are welcome here” sign can make in a young person’s confidence and desire to excel. 

Amelia Newcomb

Senior Editor with The Christian Science Monitor‘s EqualEd section

February 23, 2017




February 20, 2017


rob-photoI was heart broken several years ago during a visit to The Mother Church when a reliable source high within the movement informed me of his close friend and student of Christian Science who committed suicide after class instruction while trying to pray away the gay.  He had a parent who worked for The Christian Science Monitor/The Mother Church.  Perhaps the Church could learn from this sad plight and stop the use of badly applied Christian Science as tool for “reparative therapy”.  Could this be one of the many examples of malpractice that are out there?  What if this was your child?  This is for all those who never had a voice or suffered in silence.  This is for him and the ones who didn’t make it. 
                                                      February 23, 2017


Key Findings and Recommendations:

Although multiple studies point to elevated rates of depression, anxiety and substance abuse among sexual minority people, the panel found that these problems, by themselves, do not account for the higher rates of suicide attempts that have been reported by LGBT people.  THUS, the consensus report identified Stigma and Discrimination as playing a key role, especially acts such as Rejection or Abuse by Family Members or Peers, Bullying and Harassment, Denunciation from Religious Communities and Individual Discrimination.
                                                 The Journal of Homosexuality

(The Journal of Homosexuality is a peer-reviewed academic journal)

January 2011


No Labels, No Limits


Let’s say someone’s opinion about you comes knocking on your mental door – thoughts that are unkind or demeaning…do you open the door and accept their notion of you? If someone declares that you are fearful, a victim or have suffered at the hands of another, do you simply accept that as a fact of life?


That is only their opinion about you. But you decide to accept it or not. You are the arbiter – the judge, the decider – of who you really are. Consequently, you decide the experience you will have in your life, not anyone else. So why would you accept a demoralizing, suffering, victimized view of who you are? It is always better to have a positive, productive outlook on life, and that begins with your own view of you.

It surprises me how often in the news today there are articles and polls attempting to reduce to a simple description, or rather definition, of who and what people are…what they think, how they act, and what that means to an entire country. Truthfully, these are opinions, not facts, and they are usually marginalizing in some way. And honestly, aren’t they all mis-statements or mis-labels about people…about you?

One of the negative effects of many of these poor descriptions or labels is that people are tempted to feel they are victims of some group of people, some institution, some system, or some circumstances beyond control. This then justifies a reaction of despair, anger, or hatred. Worse when this is directed to another person or group of people.

All this from being mis-labeled!

Isn’t it better to see one’s self as full of worth and value, generous, kind, intelligent, productive? Isn’t it better for your community that you see your neighbor that way too?

Whenever there is a temptation to feel that you have somehow and in some way been taken advantage of, consider these spiritual lessons of Divine Abundance:

No Loss. You are not a victim of any kind of loss because you have never been forgotten or forsaken by divine Love. Her angels are constantly ministering hope, never defeat, and providing creative ideas that produce practical benefits for you and your family, your workplace, your community, your church…our world.

No Less. Would Father-Mother Love create a universe of abundance and intelligence for an elite group then make you “less than able,” “less than deserved,” “less than prepared” – less than the best to partake of it? No, you are able, deserving, and prepared to receive and contribute all good. That goes for your neighbor, too! The divine law is equal and just – abundant good and intelligence for all!

No Lack. Have you ever thought, “I need it, but I won’t get it”? Well that is fake news for sure because it is a misstatement of your divine inheritance – your divine wealth of spiritual resources. The Creator of divine abundance requires a beneficiary, you! So know without a doubt you already have all that is divinely yours. When this conviction fills your consciousness, whatever you think you lack or need evaporates. And the situation will change for the better.

No Limit. The universe, created by God, is unlimited good! There is enough from All for all, regardless of the circumstance. God has enabled you to partake of this unending reservoir of allness so that you are never limited in doing good. In fact, the more selfless generosity you express to your neighbor, the more you are blessed. This is spiritual justice!

So when these opinions – fake news! – come knocking on your mental door, about you or someone else, don’t answer. You are the arbiter of your life!

“Everything good or worthy, God made. Whatever is valueless or baneful, He did not make…” – Mary Baker Eddy



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