The healing power of Mother Love

“The human history needs to be revised, and the material record expunged”

Mary Baker Eddy

(Retrospection and Introspection, p. 22).

By Deborah Huebsch

From the March 13, 2017 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

God as Mother has always been a factor in our lives even if we are unaware of it. We know God is omnipotent and omnipresent. It follows that God as Mother is also omnipotent and omnipresent. God is eternal, has always existed. And so, Mother Love has always been present, even when it didn’t seem to be. The recognition of this fact can bring healing to lives that have been impacted by divorce, war, abandonment, or abuse.

While communing with God in prayer, we can feel our tears wiped away, our struggling hearts comforted, our wavering faith encouraged. Thus we feel God’s love as Mother. It reaches the hungry heart. It restores hope and cements faith in the glorious truth that divine Love is truly our Mother.

The Bible speaks several times of Jesus being “moved with compassion” (see, for example, Matthew 14:14). He must have felt the divine presence of the Mother-love of God for Her creation. It caused him to so express that mothering love that there were all sorts of healing results. What a wonderful example he set! And it’s one that we can follow.

Recognizing that we, and everyone everywhere, are being mothered by God at every moment can also bring healing to all kinds of situations today. We can prayerfully insist on the fact that God as Mother is comforting refugees, such as that 14-year-old boy in Syria. Because of the omnipresence of God’s mothering love, I knew this boy was included in it. The power of this love was right there in the most squalid conditions to meet the human need. It is, after all, omnipotent. This same love is also nurturing orphans in other parts of the world, healing broken hearts, helping erase scars, and giving hope in tough situations.

@Glowimages: Unconditional Love


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