Gratitude, Healing and Singing With My Students. Love Is The Answer, So “Let It Be!”


“Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you,” writes Mrs. Eddy in “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” ( p. 571).

Mary Baker Eddy


Photo below – Logo from a student who it gave it to me as a gift after stating: “As long as you use it to help people.”  For me, the logo is a symbol for the citation above by Mary Baker Eddy.


Photo (above) of my class right after they all passed their exams.  One student was on his second time around with me to take the same class.  We were strong collectively as a team and encouraged him to participate and got him to believe in himself.  When I called  on him in the beginning for a question he asked: “Why me?”  The class simply responded: “Why not you?”  This set the tone and he did the work because we would not leave him out and it paid off and in a very good way.

I felt like I was at summer camp with them for several weeks.  I will never gorget the memories, laughter, fun and songs as we all worked together.  Gratitude is a healer and I wanted to make sure that I expressed that for all of them.

God also got me through a storm this week as error attacked my teaching and practice by an administrator who was ignorant of the grading scale.  And Truth and divine Love was the victor and on my side as right gave might. But I had to claim it by not believing a lie.  The evidence took care of itself and appeared when needed and the love came with it.

I am in an attitude of gratitude and it made a tangible impact on my heath and well being.

Special thanks to those who helped me by seeing that there was no storm.



Father – Mother God, we thank Thee

For Thy blessings day by day,

And with grateful hearts rejoicing

We would praise thy Name alway.

Praise is joyful, raise is holy.

Healing comes on the wings of song.

courage, strength and understanding

Teach grateful heart belong.

Grateful hearts can never falter,

Grateful lips can always sing,

These shall fill the earth with gladness

Joy through earth and heaven sing.


Video:  We sang this song together as a class with the lyrics in English.  Studies show that people can learn a language twice as fast by singing.

Photo Below: Sunset taken by my student from the terrace of our school.


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