A Message From Mrs. Eddy, the CSPS & Meryl Streep – Stand Up, Speak Up, Correct Mistakes – HRC 2017

As in mathematics so in Metaphysics you cannot obey the Principle through mistakes, and so must correct your mistake.

Mary Baker Eddy – From A Letter Dated 1894


Published on Feb 19, 2017


From the September 1884 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Somewhere we have read, that there are two ways of treating mistakes.

One way is to let them alone making no attempts to correct them or learn any thing from them. The other is, to study carefully and learn the secret of them that they may not he made again. The latter way is the one we propose to adopt as student-editor pro tem of this Journal.

As in the best regulated families errors are made, it is hardly probable that the management of a periodical taking a stand against the prejudices of the ages will carry itself invariably wisely.

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