A Student’s Testimony – Saved By the Power of “Hope” and Mother Love + A Warning to Parents Before It’s too Late.

“Belief and expectation — the key elements of hope — can block pain by releasing the brain’s endorphins and enkephalins, mimicking the effects of morphine. In some cases, hope can also have important effects on fundamental physiological processes like respiration, circulation and motor function.”

Shane Lopez, author of the new book “Making Hope Happen,” … emphasize that hope is not about positive thinking. Hope is half optimism, Lopez explains. The other half is the belief in the power that you can make it so.

There is a profound difference between hoping and wishing, he continues. Wishing encourages passivity, whereas hope represents an active stance.  “Wishing is the fantasy that everything is going to turn out OK. Hoping is actually showing up for the hard work.”
By Amanda Enayati, CNN Contributor


After discussing “Hope” in a presentation with my Conversation Class I asked them the following question.  How important do you think “Hope” is in getting through the difficult times in life?  Can you give a specific example of a struggle or adversity you or a friend/family member overcame with the power of “Hope” and by not giving up?  They were instructed that they did not have to share anything they did not feel comfortable sharing.

I had a student who spoke first and shared the following story.

He stated he really wanted to share this particular story with everyone.

He told the class his sister was in an accident and was left with severe burns over her body.  As a result, his father abandoned the family because he could not deal with this tragic event.  My student has not spoken to his father in years.

As a result, his mother had to step up and get the rest of the family through this crisis.  She lifted my student out of depression and had to support the family and his sister during their most desperate hour of need.

Thus the family, minus the father, had “Hope” that they could work through this and stay together.  As a result, my student said he is now slow to anger and very tolerant which was a lesson he learned after this tragedy.

He went on and expressed his gratitude and love for his mom.

My student stated his mother “never gave up on us and saved the family”.  Thus hope and love from the mother and siblings helped his sister to heal.

The class was moved profoundly as you could have heard a pin drop.  The intimacy was amazing as we could all feel the love and gratitude in the classroom.

Hope, never give up.  Right teacher?

you are the best English teacher I have ever had (March 2017).

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