How to Stop a Suicide – A Christian Science Perspective – The Time is Now!

There must never be a time when a Christian Scientist can be accused of prejudice, bigotry, discrimination, or hate.

Alton A. Davis

From the August 30, 1969 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel


[Former President Lyndon B. Johnson’s daughters] …believe their father would support the spirit of what many advocates have embraced as the civil rights issue of this century: gay marriage.  “I think my father felt very strongly that when there was bigotry anywhere, prejudice anywhere, all of us lose out,” Johnson said. “Because it’s just one more expression of hate.” – See link in article below

I was heart broken several years ago during a visit to The Mother Church when a reliable source high within the movement informed me of his close friend and student of Christian Science who committed suicide after class instruction while trying to pray away the gay.  He had a parent who worked for The Christian Science Monitor/The Mother Church.  

Their are others who have attempted suicide for this same reason and reached out to me to share their stories.  It is time for things to change and to be kept “abreast of the times”.  

Perhaps the Church could learn from these sad plights and stop the use of badly applied Christian Science as tool for “reparative therapy” and take down those “harmful, antigay articles” posted on JSH Online.  

What if this was your child?

What would Mrs. Eddy say?  

I know she would say: Not in my name! 

Mrs. Eddy even put the following on the mast head of “The Christian Science Monitor”, ..To Injure No Man but to bless ALL mankind.

This is for all those who never had a voice, suffered in silence or whom we lost along the way to the human sense.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.  

                              February 23, 2017 – Last Updated on April 10, 2017
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“Several articles and editorials have been written explaining why homosexuals cannot be admitted to membership.  One of these I wrote myself, the title: “Homosexuality Can Be Healed.”  All I can say in defense of myself for writing it is that it was based on information I thought was authentic, but which later was disproved …  If I were to write another article on the subject now, I would probably entitle it, “We’re ALL God’s Children.”

by Carl J. Welz,  C.S.B.

Houston, TX – October 11, 1986



Here’s the way  Mary Baker Eddy explains the idea that God’s expression would be incomplete without every one of God’s ideas. “If God, who is Life, were parted for a moment from His reflection, man, during that moment there would be no divinity reflected. The Ego would be unexpressed, and the Father would be childless,—no Father”. 

Mary Baker Eddy

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, (p. 306

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The Manual of The Mother Church by Mrs. Eddy, under the heading “Church Periodicals,” states (Art. VIII, Sect. 14), “And it shall be the duty of the Directors to see that these periodicals are ably edited and kept abreast of the times.”

Mary Baker Eddy

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MISTAKES [Antigay Articles on JSH Online]

From the September 1884 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Somewhere we have read, that there are two ways of treating mistakes.

One way is to let them alone making no attempts to correct them or learn any thing from them. The other is, to study carefully and learn the secret of them that they may not he made again. The latter way is the one we propose to adopt as student-editor pro tem of this Journal.

As in the best regulated families errors are made, it is hardly probable that the management of a periodical taking a stand against the prejudices of the ages will carry itself invariably wisely.

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1001669_1_amelia-newcomb_standardAnd take a look at our graphic below. You might not have thought that marriage equality legislation could drive down youth suicide rates. But it looks like it has, particularly for sexual minorities. Check it out – and be reminded of what a “you are welcome here” sign can make in a young person’s confidence and desire to excel. 

Amelia Newcomb

Senior Editor with The Christian Science Monitor‘s EqualEd section

February 23, 2017



LBJ’s daughters reflect on their father’s legacy with Katie Couric.

Johnson and Robb were just teenagers when they were catapulted to the White House after JFK’s death, and remember well their father’s mission to end racial segregation in America. The sisters also suggested that they believe their father would support the spirit of what many advocates have embraced as the civil rights issue of this century: gay marriage.

“I think my father felt very strongly that when there was bigotry anywhere, prejudice anywhere, all of us lose out,” Johnson said. “Because it’s just one more expression of hate.”

[LGBT employees are now protected from workplace discrimination by the 1964 Civil Rights Act, a federal appeals court ruled for the first time on April, 5, 2017]

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J.K. Rowling


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For what it may be worth to you – I am a Journal listed CS practitioner, When my son, my only child, came out as gay a number of years ago, I did not ask God to change him; I asked God to change me – to open my eyes and heart wide enough to not lose sight of all that really matters and to all that is real and true about my son as His whole and holy ideal. So I have always been free to happily love my son with all my heart, And he loves me, too.

-Barbara,  CS from  AZ – Church Alive Blog


@Glowimages: Unconditional Love


Germany to clear gays convicted under Nazi-era law

Deborah COLE

AFP March 22, 2017

Berlin (AFP) – The German government Wednesday approved plans to quash the convictions of 50,000 men sentenced for homosexuality under a Nazi-era law which remained in force after the war, and offer compensation.

“Article 175 destroyed careers and ruined lives,” Justice Minister Heiko Maas said in a statement. “The few victims who are still alive today deserve to finally have justice.”

The compensation scheme under the new legislation includes a one-off payment of 3,000 euros ($3,200) for every man convicted and an additional 1,500 euros for each year spent in prison.

If the person in question has already died, his family may put in for the certificate to clear their relative’s criminal record.

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Warning to Parents: (From a Comment on Danielle Steel’s Blog)

Im unsure if you will receive my message but would like to introduce myself as a mother of a son who committed suicide in 2006. Dylan was an amazing young man with a bright future ahead of him and showed no signs of depression. To this day we do not know what transpired but I have had to accept it as it was his decision to pull the trigger. It took me 5 years to come out of the fog and today the only advice I have for parents is to let your children know that you love them. Hug them, talk with them, learn to get to know your children. I feel the same pain as you.

Regards, Marion

March 29, 2017 1:53 pm



Barbra Streisand has an out gay son, Jason Gould.

Video – Based on  the true story – “Prayers for Bobby”


A definition of “to hope” is “to trust with confident expectation of good.” That hope is necessary Mrs. Eddy makes plain in the following statement: “Knowledge that we can accomplish the good we hope for, stimulates the system to act in the direction which Mind points out.”

Mary Baker Eddy

(Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 394)

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 “You [Devil] say you use this wedge of discouragement [hopelessness] with nearly everybody. With whom can’t you use it?” 

The Devil hesitated a long time and finally said in a low voice, “I can’t use it in getting into the consciousness of a grateful person.”

William R. Rathvon, CSB -1912

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Easter in a nutshell - by Tony Lobl - web


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