Live on the air with Tony Lobl (COP, CS), divine Love, Hope and a suicide prevention testimony.


“Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you.”

Mary Baker Eddy.


Mutual blessings – A SATURDAY THOUGHT (plus Florida talks and radio interview)


Thank you for presenting CS in a non preachy way that will reach out and get more people interested in the power of divine Love.

I so needed this comforter in my life and wouldn’t have made it without it. But I had to claim it.  I now help others.

Tony, thank you for sharing your personal struggle with addiction and being victorious through CS.  I can relate to that belief of addiction.

I had the same battle but with alcohol and it has been over 4 years (not 3) since I left the alcohol behind with the help of CS, CS practitioners and CS teachers. I just stopped counting the years.

It was when I knew with my whole heart that I was loved unconditionally by God that I was able to “let go” of the alcohol.

But I could not find the “fellowship” at my branch church.  Regardless, God found a way for me.

So I “get it”.

I was also grateful for the radio announcer who saved the youth in the juvenile detention center from suicide.  Perhaps that is why God put him there.

“Feel the divine presence of Love.”

Thank you, God.

I plan on sharing this podcast to help and inspire others.

Keep reflecting back all that divine Love as we are clad in the”panoply of Love” which is impenetrable and has healing results in our life.

Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL Mankind.

Rob Scott
Oaxaca, Mexico

Photo below – It is not “Hope” that people get stuck in but “hopelessness”.  Perhaps some people just don’t understand the definition of  hope which is active and includes a “belief and expectation” that you can do it.  It is showing up for the hard work such as prayer.  It also leads to and is part of understanding.  You don’t just discount this “hope” when you get to understanding because you don’t need it anymore.  Remember, hope is a good thing and the major weapon against suicide.


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