Now Boarding United Airlines for New England With MBE and Poetry From My students.



“The letter of Science plentifully reaches humanity to-day, but its spirit comes only in small degrees. The vital part, the heart and soul of Christian Science, is Love. Without this, the letter is but the dead body of Science,—pulseless, cold, inanimate.”

Mary Baker Eddy

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (p. 113:)



Teacher Rob:

I want to tell you that in my life I have had a lot of teachers but you are my favorite, you are cool.  I’ll miss you.

Good Luck.


Dear teacher,

I want to tell you that you are a nice teacher and you are very funny.  I will miss you.  I love you.


Dear Teacher, Rob

I wanted to tell you that I will never forget you.  You are my favorite teacher.  I learned a lot of things in your class.  I hope to see you again.  Have a good trip.

With love,


Teacher Rob,

I want to tell you that you are a good teacher.  I won’t forget you too. You owe me tacos.  Have a good trip.  Stay healthy and be happy all the time.  

Good luck,


Dear Teacher Rob,

I remember when I came to this school, you were my first teacher.  You taught  me a lot of things like the game “Apples to Apples”.  I will always remember you like the best teacher in the school.  Tranquilo (peace) and be happy.

Thank you and good luck in your trip.

With love,


Hi teacher,

I think that you are a good teacher and friend.  You are always happy, tranquilo and a polite person.  

Teacher, you are the best teacher because you always have a smile and a good attitude. 

Thank you and good luck.

I will always remember you.

God Bless you!


Teacher Rob,

Thanks for your wisdom and experiences you shared with us.  I wish you a good trip and all the best of success in all your dreams.



Now Departing ADO Bus Terminal, Oaxaca to Mexico City and then Flying to New England.


May 25, 2017

Mr. Robert Scott

Hi teacher!  Maybe you’re on the bus now or on the plane.  I expect that everything is going to be all right and “tranquilo” [peaceful].

Thank you so much for all your time.  I know you tried to teach us the best but you’re the best.  I’d like to have you stay here for more time but I know you have other responsibilities.

Although it was a short time, I learned so much from you.  I never had an American teacher before and it was an unique experience.  Good luck with all your prospects.  

We love you so much and think highly of you.

Love and friendship,



Left  Behind

By Rob Scott, CS

May 29th, 2017

I wish I could take some of my students and the job with me including some of the teachers and administrators.

I prepared some of the teachers for the TOEFL exam.  One particular teacher expressed his gratitude to me on my teaching.  He stated he felt in his heart that I genuinely cared for all of them.  And that made that all the difference.

Another student even stated after graduating from the school:  “You made us feel like family and it wasn’t the same in some of the other classes.”

Perhaps that is because they were my family.

I am leaving Mexico with a full heart and a lifetime of memories and stories to possibly write in my upcoming book.  Perhaps I’ll write it during the next New England winter.  God certainly gave me enough material.

Please know I was saved in every possible way as love was reflected in love.

Know I write this in the utmost of humility as there was not an once of love in my own family ever since my grandfather took his life.  My mother took out all that anger and hatred on me after this event which destroyed my self esteem almost beyond repair.

My mother even told me that I need to go on and live my own life when I called home years ago for support after which she stated she did not want any children.

My father also asked me to never  call their house again after I asked my mother why she ridiculed all those people who were gay or perceived to be gay.

Finally,  read my blog post dated May 17th regarding the suicide of my grandfather and my relative who stated she decided to be “estranged” from all of her family because that was “healing” to her.

Really?   I reached out to open a dialogue only to be hung up on and received a cold email back asking for no further contact after receiving this tragic news over the phone of my grandfather taking his life years ago.

Can you believe this poor treatment all seemed “normal” to me in the past because I didn’ know any better until I experienced and felt the importance of love and family in Mexico.  That was one of the greatest life lessons received in Mexico.

But I still love my family and am working on forgiveness.  Mrs. Eddy said: “Love meeting no response still remains love.”

I learned that my own family and relatives were wrong because family is the most important thing.  What is sad is that my family has no self awareness to the human sense of this error.


Nor do they have any desire to correct it.  All I can try and do is see the perfect man and love them all anyway.

And I am not impressed by how much money you have or what celebrity gossip you engage in for your career if you put it above the love of your family or make a god out of it.

I learned the hard way how to define “success”.

Thus I will be returning to the United States where I will find acceptance on my own terms, and define my own ideas of home and family.

God Bless Us All.

Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to All Mankind,

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It’s Been A Real Pleasure, Oaxaca. – A Saturday Night Thought by Rob Scott, CS


I once heard that if you love something enough let it go and it will come back to you.

I had this class before and all of them in the picture passed their exam and went on to the next level with a different teacher.

But they went to administration and they requested me again as their teacher for the next level.  Their request was granted.

It has been a real pleasure.

And it was all so healing.


Home, Family, Oprah And A Blessing (My Students) = Value Beyond Rubies.


Oprah Winfrey reveals what the poet Maya Angelou told her about creating a legacy and understanding the value of what one leaves behind. 

March 1, 2017


Published on Mar 1, 2017

I will always remember that you taught us about “hope”.

Never, never give up, right teacher?



Thank you, Oaxaca, and a fond farewell. I am leaving with a full heart and that is more than enough.  I will miss you all!


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In loving Memory of Frederick M. Widell (My Grandfather) who died by suicide – Mystery Solved and Lesson Learned.

“Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness”.

(Isa. 41: 10)


In Loving Memory of Frederick M. Widell (My Grandfather)

Last Edited June 15, 2017 at 10:18 am

by Rob Scott, CS

Please reach out. Speak up. The worst thing you could do is to stay silent.  Years of my own detective work and intuition were confirmed yesterday through a phone call with a relative whom I had not spoken with for years and who requested no further contact after confirming the loss of my grandfather by suicide.

It felt like a double blow after being hung up on during an intimate phone conversation after this relative revealed the tragic news.  There was nothing healing from her or her cold email that followed.


What profits the man [or woman] who gains the whole world and loses her own soul?

Perhaps another lesson here is not to throw your pearls before swine.

I don’t care what celebrity gossip you engage in for a living or how much money you have if you put it above the love of family and core values or make a god out of it.

Healing, to me, does not mean making yourself “estranged” from every family member or treating one of them poorly during a visit and literally put his life in danger.  But you were always good at putting a “spin” on things to let yourself off the hook by denying any responsibility.  But truth has a way of coming out doesn’t it?

She says in a published article that you don’t ever want to go to dinner with her.  My brother was lucky to have literally lived after going to dinner with her.

Take from a lie its power to deceive and it becomes nothing, for its very being depends upon its ability to mislead.  A lie must have two willing accessories – one who is willing to be deceived: one who is willing to deceive – the victimized and the victim; if either is wanting, the lie can do nothing.
Mary Baker Eddy
Blue Book  by Richard Oakes


Can you believe this all use to seem “normal” to me until I spent a year teaching English in Mexico.  I witnessed the love for the family above all else there for the first time since the passing of my grandmother and it felt healing.

Perhaps poverty can forge stronger ties with family and faith?  For me that is a price above rubies.

And “success” is all in how you define it.  I learned that the hard way but at least I learned it before it was too late as evidenced by the tragic loss of so many talented and well loved celebrities to drugs and alcohol.  I don’t care how you try and spin that one.  The evidence is there.

Nobody wins that game.  It is just how far they are willing to fall.


Hollywood isn’t obliged to portray reality—indeed, authenticity is anathema to feel-good shows like Glee– but by whitewashing addiction, the producers are failing its audience of young people, the group most vulnerable to overdose. A tribute replete with sad songs will make the audience cry, but it could also wind up romanticizing the star’s death. So while the episode may help Monteith’s fans grieve the loss of their idol, it won’t help them to understand why they would never want to be like him. This is a disease that needs to be shown with such ugliness that even a face as beautiful as Monteith’s [or Whitney Houston] will make the millions of young people who watch the show recoil in horror.

 Time Magazine

By David Sheff

I may be no “maven” but just a seeker of truth and that is what sustains me now.

But I wish you well, dear girl.  Be careful in those waters.

Now back to our grandfather:

I know God is with my grandfather as he can never be separated from divine Love. He was a well loved man and I remember writing a paper in high school that he was my hero or mentor.  We had a lot in common.

I have hope life goes on and that he is working out his own salvation.  He was a great story teller around the dinner table during the holidays.

He was a fly fisherman, an engineer for US Steel and a member of the University Club of Penn. where he would  ballroom dance to the live bands on Saturday nights with my grandmother who was the CS practitioner.

Unfortunately, he was erased by them after this incident.

Perhaps this is an attempt to keep his memory alive and erase the stigma and not the man.

Perhaps that is one of the motives of my blog which is to leave behind the truth in case they eventually try and erase me like they did with him someday.

Perhaps they all thought they had the last word.

But did they?

Please, never give up on “Hope”.

May God Bless us all.

Mystery solved, lesson learned.


Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL Mankind,

Why there is always hope

Sentinel Audio Chat

Diane: Rosalie, the day came when my world was rocked to its core. There was a phone call … informing me that my …  [family member] had committed suicide. When I went to God in prayer I can tell you there was a void. Everything was black.

Rosalie: Wow.

Diane: I had no words to pray, no thoughts to think, I had nothing. At that point I excused myself from the family, and I went into another room to reach out to God with my whole heart for something, for anything. I was actually sitting on a bed and it felt like there was a long, black tunnel, and I was falling down that tunnel. Now I knew as I thought that there was no tunnel. That was an illusion, but that’s what it felt like.

In Scriptural terms, I had to go into the closet and close the door (see Matt. 6:6) on a horrible report, a flood of human opinions and speculations, and a torrent of questions that were plaguing thought. Knowing that a void was not a condition of God’s creation, I took inventory, and what I found, it seemed like just an ounce of childlike hope, faith, and trust. And I was so grateful for that morsel of spirituality which quieted thought and led to a depth of comfort, that no matter what happened next to my [family member], he could never be outside of God’s infinite compassion and care.

And with that tiny glimpse of hope, the sense of devastation gave way to gratitude and relief that God was everywhere present to comfort, correct, and shepherd in progressive and inspired ways the thought of anyone who had chosen to end his life. Realizing the infinite nature of God, and man’s total unity with Him, moved my thought. It healed my grief and enabled me to offer this comfort with healing results to others who were facing the same news.

During that experience of going into the closet and shutting the door, I realized I had a choice to make, and I had to make it fast. Mentally I felt like I was about to crack up, and I thought if I didn’t treat this quickly, thoroughly, and trust God like I’ve never trusted Him before, the world would say this could take a long time to get over a shock like that. But the track record for healing in Christian Science had always been quick, and I trusted that track record.

And that’s why today we’re going to talk about hope that is more than a wish. It’s more than a desire with a slight expectation that may or may not be satisfied. The hope that we’re talking about is a God-given, innate spiritual quality, and that it’s one that everyone listening is in full possession of. Each one has been hard-wired by God with hope. And with it, your expectation isn’t in another person, or in a solution of your own making. Your true expectation is in God, who, having your best interest at heart, tenderly governs, comforts, and heals you.

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Tim Mitchinson, CSB/COP – Learn to detox negative feelings that challenges us all by letting go of the things that bring us down.


In a mysterious desert world, a young man embarks on a perilous adventure where he discovers that letting go is the only way to save himself.


VIDEO (Not part of original message by Tim) – Published on Aug 10, 2014

By Armando Sahugan – Aug 21, 2014 – In his debut theatrical release as writer/director (Jonesy) presents a unique film. When a Young Man (Adam Brotman) embarks on a perilous journey to discover the meaning of life, the intense heat and harsh terrain take their toll on the weary Young Man who becomes lost and totally disoriented. However, a peculiar Old Man (Larry Thompson) finds the lost traveler and offers to help. Though apprehensive at first, the young man decides to set off with the unknown companion. Their journey together takes them through extraordinary landscapes and fantastic lands where they are haunted by an evil force, portrayed by the lovely (Ivana Brooks). The Young Man’s faith is tested as he must ultimately make a life or death decision. Where is the Old Man leading him? Who is he? What happens to the Young Man? Watch Luggage and take part in a thrilling story that challenges us all to let go of the things that bring us down.


Learn to detox negative feelings

Model used for illustrative purposes only

This piece was published in the Naperville Sun print edition and The Chicago Tribune on-line edition.  Thanks for the publishing!  Here is the link:

More and more individuals are considering detoxing and cleansing their bodies of impurities for health reasons.   But interestingly, some of the most toxic problems we suffer are negative mental states.

For instance, research, as well as common sense, is increasingly showing the health risks of anger.  An Ohio State University study showed that those who had less control over their anger tended to heal more slowly from wounds.  In another study, researchers concluded that anger problems have been linked to all major causes of death (

For many, negative feelings can sometimes accumulate to disturbing levels.  During those times, we need a good mental detoxing to clear out unhealthy emotions, such as jealousy, stress and irritation, which can poison one’s good nature, upset his mental balance, and damage health.

Here are some helpful tips I have found in my spiritual practice that are important in mental cleansing:

  • Don’t let resentments fester and grow – eliminate them with forgiveness
  • Cleanse away hatred with affection and compassion
  • Purge past disappointments with gratitude for good things in your life today
  • Don’t rehearse cruelty – practice empathy and tolerance instead

St. Paul lists nine important ingredients that can help detox any hatred: patience, kindness, generosity, humility, courtesy, unselfishness, good temper, guilelessness and sincerity (see I Cor. 13: 5-8).  I have found that these qualities act as antidotes for anger and its health threats.

Early in my spiritual healing practice I went to visit a homeless man who was living temporarily in a motel.  He was suffering from extreme mental distress and intense fear.  I talked to him for a while, sharing ideas I hoped would calm and comfort him, but he only became irrationally angry with me, and as I got in the car to leave, he slammed the car door on my leg.

As he pushed and pushed, he said, “I am going to push this door until I break your leg.”  I was just quiet.  Soon, he let go.  I got out of the car and sat down in the parking lot with him and he talked for over an hour.  I listened, and we prayed together.  He quieted down, and stated he just needed someone to listen to him and pray with him.  He was much better when I left.  Shortly after that, he found an apartment he could afford and lived there happily for quite a while.  From that experience, I learned the importance of patience, unselfishness, courtesy and sincerity (the fruit of the Spirit) in detoxing harmful situations.

If you’re combatting anger, jealousy or hatred, or know someone who is, try a mental cleansing.  Give yourself and them a good mental detox with humility, patience, kindness and love.  See for yourself how it helps eliminate stress and gain better health.

©2017 Christian Science Committee on Publication for Illinois