A Warning Against “Schisms” to the CSPS, CSBs, The Mother Church, Branch Churches and CS Lectures.

No Incorrect Literature.


A member of this Church shall neither buy, sell, nor circulate Christian Science literature which is not correct in its statement of the divine Principle and rules and the demonstration of Christian Science. Also the spirit in which the writer has written his literature shall be definitely considered. His writings must show strict adherence to the Golden Rule, or his literature shall not be adjudged Christian Science. A departure from the spirit or letter of this By-Law involves schisms in our Church and the possible loss, for a time, of Christian Science.

Mary Baker Eddy

Manual of The Mother Church, Article VIII, Section 11


Several articles and editorials have been written explaining why homosexuals cannot be admitted to membership.  One of these I wrote myself, the title: “Homosexuality Can Be Healed.”  All I can say in defense of myself for writing it is that it was based on information I thought was authentic, but which later was disproved by further studies.  If I were to write another article on the subject now, I would probably entitle it, “We’re ALL God’s Children.”

by Carl J. Welz,  C.S.B.

Houston, TX – October 11, 1986


Video – “Prayers for Bobby” is based on a true story.  

My son is not an issue.


Healing Family and Religious Rejection and Saving our Youth and Adults.

by Rob Scott, CS


I was heart broken several years ago during a visit to The Mother Church when a reliable source high within the movement informed me of his close friend and student of Christian Science who committed suicide after class instruction while trying to pray away the gay.  He had a parent who worked for The Christian Science Monitor/The Mother Church.  

There are others who have attempted suicide for this same reason and reached out to me to share their stories.  It is time for things to change and for the periodicals to be kept “abreast of the times”.  

Perhaps the Church could learn from these sad plights and stop the use of badly applied Christian Science as tool for “reparative therapy” and take down those “harmful, antigay articles” posted on JSH Online.  

The Senior Researcher of The Mary Baker Eddy Library stated there is nothing in Mrs. Eddy’s writings supporting those articles during a workshop at Midwest Church Alive 2014.

What if this was your child?

What would Mrs. Eddy say?  

Not in my name! 

Mrs. Eddy even put the following on the mast head of “The Christian Science Monitor”, ..To Injure No Man but to bless ALL mankind.

This is for all those who never had a voice, suffered in silence or whom we lost along the way to the human sense.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.  


“We don’t want gays and lesbians in our church.”

My Teacher, CSB (Class instruction)

Annetta Schneider


“We don’t want queers in our family…being ‘homosexual’ is the most horrible thing a man can be.”

This woman’s niche was to ridicule anybody who was “homosexual”.  She even tried to pick out church members or their children who were gay or perceived to be gay.  But the joke was on her as her father and son were both gay.  One didn’t make it and her son attempted suicide due to her hatred of “homosexuals”.

My Mom

(Sandee Scott)


Homosexuality Can Be Healed

By Carl J. Welz

From the April 22, 1967 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel


Homosexuality: how one man was healed

From the April 1985 issue of The Christian Science Journal


The Bible and Homosexuality

By Naomi Price

From the November 18, 1972 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel


“At issue is reparative therapy”

Antigay Blog, (Lois Carlson) CSB (supporting/practicing reparative therapy)




Teacher (Rob), What would you do if your son or brother were gay?

I would love him unconditionally!


Oaxaca, Mexico



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