Now Departing ADO Bus Terminal, Oaxaca to Mexico City and then Flying to New England.


May 25, 2017

Mr. Robert Scott

Hi teacher!  Maybe you’re on the bus now or on the plane.  I expect that everything is going to be all right and “tranquilo” [peaceful].

Thank you so much for all your time.  I know you tried to teach us the best but you’re the best.  I’d like to have you stay here for more time but I know you have other responsibilities.

Although it was a short time, I learned so much from you.  I never had an American teacher before and it was an unique experience.  Good luck with all your prospects.  

We love you so much and think highly of you.

Love and friendship,



Left  Behind

By Rob Scott, CS

May 29th, 2017

I wish I could take some of my students and the job with me including some of the teachers and administrators.

I prepared some of the teachers for the TOEFL exam.  One particular teacher expressed his gratitude to me on my teaching.  He stated he felt in his heart that I genuinely cared for all of them.  And that made that all the difference.

Another student even stated after graduating from the school:  “You made us feel like family and it wasn’t the same in some of the other classes.”

Perhaps that is because they were my family.

I am leaving Mexico with a full heart and a lifetime of memories and stories to possibly write in my upcoming book.  Perhaps I’ll write it during the next New England winter.  God certainly gave me enough material.

Please know I was saved in every possible way as love was reflected in love.

Know I write this in the utmost of humility as there was not an once of love in my own family ever since my grandfather took his life.  My mother took out all that anger and hatred on me after this event which destroyed my self esteem almost beyond repair.

My mother even told me that I need to go on and live my own life when I called home years ago for support after which she stated she did not want any children.

My father also asked me to never  call their house again after I asked my mother why she ridiculed all those people who were gay or perceived to be gay.

Finally,  read my blog post dated May 17th regarding the suicide of my grandfather and my relative who stated she decided to be “estranged” from all of her family because that was “healing” to her.

Really?   I reached out to open a dialogue only to be hung up on and received a cold email back asking for no further contact after receiving this tragic news over the phone of my grandfather taking his life years ago.

Can you believe this poor treatment all seemed “normal” to me in the past because I didn’ know any better until I experienced and felt the importance of love and family in Mexico.  That was one of the greatest life lessons received in Mexico.

But I still love my family and am working on forgiveness.  Mrs. Eddy said: “Love meeting no response still remains love.”

I learned that my own family and relatives were wrong because family is the most important thing.  What is sad is that my family has no self awareness to the human sense of this error.


Nor do they have any desire to correct it.  All I can try and do is see the perfect man and love them all anyway.

And I am not impressed by how much money you have or what celebrity gossip you engage in for your career if you put it above the love of your family or make a god out of it.

I learned the hard way how to define “success”.

Thus I will be returning to the United States where I will find acceptance on my own terms, and define my own ideas of home and family.

God Bless Us All.

Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to All Mankind,

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