The error that was allowed to pass unchallenged into our Christian Science periodicals.


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June 2, 2017


“Mrs. Eddy talked with us for nearly two hours, and left it clear that no one is to be judged by his or her physical condition (body), but by character and spiritual attainment” [see this original article referenced to below at the end of my comments].


By Rob Scott, CS

June 2, 2017

Boothbay Harbor, Maine


You cannot write an article that homosexuality is not acceptable to God without writing a similar article that heterosexuality is also not acceptable or an evil that needs to be healed.

Marriage Equality is divine Love meeting the human need.  Perhaps it could be a barrier against vice, a union of hearts, or to save our youth and adults from suicide (See graph below cited by the Senior Editor with The Christian Science Monitor‘s EqualEd section supporting this theory).

The error that was allowed to pass unchallenged into our Christian Science periodicals was those antigay articles now available on JSH Online which have ruined careers, lives and have led to family and religious rejection.

It is malpractice that some Christian Science Practitioners are currently using Christian Science as a tool for “reparative therapy”.

Jesus even pointed toward this in Matthew 19:12 that social and gender conditions are things we should observe but not judge.

It is further agreed that there is nothing in Mrs. Eddy’s writings supporting those “antigay articles” or “reparative therapy” by a Senior Researcher of The Mary Baker Eddy Library at Midwest Church Alive 2014.

Mrs. Eddy stated: “We take the inspired word of the Bible.”

But if a child is stripped of his family and faith due to those antigay articles then what impact does that have on his character and spiritual attainment?

Some were driven to utter destitution by being kicked out of their homes for being gay.

I also had this discussion with the Mormon missionaries in Oaxaca, Mexico who agreed that they are seeing these same results in gay youth who were stripped of their faith and family for being gay.  They agreed: “they are the ones who are not making it.”

Faith and family are the major support systems for our youth.  I listened to many of my former students who made it through unthinkable hardships or adversity because they had at least one of the two support systems in their lives (Family and/or Faith).  Some we’re lucky to have both.

Those antigay articles are causing the loss of some of our LGBT youth and adults – by leaving the church and going to other progressive denominations which are welcoming and affirming, or sometimes even committing suicide.

And the Church is turning away people who could benefit from this healing Science through those antigay articles, the support of reparative therapy and antigay remarks at association meetings.

This can all crush our youth’s self-esteem beyond repair to the human sense resulting in suicide or our youth looking to the false landmarks for relief to feed the famished affections resulting in a travesty of errors.

I don’t need a study (see below) to validate this information as it happened to me.  There are others who have written in as these similar stories are everywhere.

It is time for things to change.  That time is now.

CSPS,  please at least write an article supporting marriage equality to keep the periodicals “abreast of the times” rather than tearing down people with those antigay articles which have been proven to have been erroneously written and harmful not only for our youth but also for our adults.  They are neither timeless or universal and have been disproved.

Somewhere we have read, that there are two ways of treating mistakes.

One way is to let them alone making no attempts to correct them or learn any thing from them. The other is, to study carefully and learn the secret of them that they may not be made again. The latter way is the one we propose to adopt as student-editor pro tem of this Journal.

As in the best regulated families errors are made, it is hardly probable that the management of a periodical taking a stand against the prejudices of the ages will carry itself invariably wisely. – 

From the September 1884 issue of The Christian Science Journal


Image result for mistakes

CSPS, the ideal thing as cited above would be to correct your past mistakes by taking down those antigay articles.  The following statement was sent into me by a CS practitioner:

The Church must atone for its sin to people of color (1926-1955) as well as its ongoing sin of exclusion and discrimination toward the LGBT community and read seriously what Mrs. Eddy wrote about the essence of identity, and what Jesus pointed toward in Matthew 19:12 that social and gender conditions are things we should observe but not judge. If we apologize not for our past and present “hardness of heart” any article lacks meaning.

So remember, before you echo Amen in your church know that a child is listening.

It may just be your child’s life you save.

And a house divided against itself cannot stand.

The Christian Science Standard

Volume 14, 1

January 2006



13  We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Third Series (Boston: The Christian Science Publishing Society 1953) pg. 87.

14  Ibid., 89.

15  Private Memorandum From Mrs. Knott



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