Starting A New Chapter by Turning the Page With Virginia Harris, C.S.B.


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Turn the page on the Book of You!

by Virginia Harris, C.S.B

There’s something about June that always – every year! – makes me think “opportunity!” There is graduation from high school or college to the next thing, maybe more education, a job, or military service. Whatever it is, it’s an opportunity to learn something new about you. June is also thought of as the wedding season. Oh boy, committing to a loving partnership is most definitely an opportunity to discover new things about yourself!

And then there are the changes in life experiences that happen throughout the year, maybe switching jobs or retiring from a career…perhaps downsizing from a much-loved family home. All these changes might appear as “an end and a beginning” – they might even be called a “fresh start” – but I think they show the continuity of one’s life and the opportunity to see  the constant ability, intelligence, courage, and creativity of who you really are to meet the new experience. It’s all right there in the “book of you,” and you are just turning a page!

This “book of you,” your individual and unique identity, is created complete by the one and only divine Soul of all life which, like the one and only sun, is always shining brilliantly. And you are the transparent pages through which Soul’s brilliance beams…effortlessly. No end and no beginning, no starts and stops – your life continuously shines!

Sometimes amid big life changes and tumults there is a temptation to believe that the safety and comfort from something relied on and trusted, represented by a known routine or experience or place or even person, is lost. And you feel cut off from a secure base. But that cannot be possible.

You might as well think that the warmth of the sun can be turned off like a light-switch. Or that favorite book stops after a couple of chapters. Hah! Therefore, the light of who you are – your ability, intelligence, courage, creativity, and joy – from the source of your true existence, divine Soul, is constant and unchanging. Forever. That is what you can trust.

So whatever the new opportunity is, you can trust that there is a next chapter of discovery and progress in the awesome Book of You!

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