What do you do when everything looks dark and hope seems to fail? (+ U2 “North Star”)

Love claims the Universe.

Video – U2 North Star HD 2010-09-18 – Stade de France, Paris, France Nunomoreira1 and Kaycee master video

Excerpt of the lyrics – Below

Your hope, you pray
that the clouds leave the sky alone
‘cuz there’s only one light that will guide you,
guide you….home….home



 In the Land of the Midnight Sun

From the December 12, 1901 issue [my birthday] of the Christian Science Sentinel

On the deck, in the bright evening sunlight of that region, sat a Christian Scientist, who thought, “Will Love open a way to place our Leader’s book with these seekers?” An earnest prayer arose that Love would open the way.

Soon they came on deck and laughter and gaiety prevailed. A young artist came from the crowd towards the Scientist, and asked, “May I make a sketch for you? If we find the North Pole it will be a pleasant souvenir.” Underneath the animated conversation which followed, flowed the silent current of thought, “Are you to be Love’s messenger?” Another joins the couple, another, a small group gathers. In the course of conversation the subject of freedom is introduced. A young Hollander spoke with much sympathy of the deplorable condition of the Boers, and an earnest, impulsive voice cried out, “I wrote a poem on the subject the other day; shall I give it?” On receiving unanimous assent, he recited from memory.

To Be Free.

The bird in the tree still sings;
Hear you the message it brings?
Out of its sad, mad, glad turmoil
A message that cleanses the tired soul’s soil,
“Freedom is won through toil.”


Here surely was the time. The poem was written in the sketch-book of the writer, who with eager haste excused herself for a few moments, and went to her stateroom, where she securely did up a copy of “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,” the wonderful book we all know so well, written by our beloved Mother, Mary Baker G. Eddy, which tells us so clearly how to be free, and carried it back on deck. She said, You have given me a gift, may I give you one? Promise me to open it when everything looks dark and hope seems to fail… Northward, its gates open to the North Star” …  Love claims the Universe.


Click on link below for more Information on the photo  (“Morning Meal”).  Perhaps “Midnight Sun” or “North Star” could also be fitting for the title.



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