Finding Hope and Healing in the Heart of Darkness with Mrs. Eddy and Danielle Steel


 … I found some things that had inspired me and I was happy to find. And I thought I’d share … them with you here, about love, and life.

The first one was written by Mary Baker Eddy: “I make strong demands on love, call for active witnesses to prove it, and noble sacrifices and grand achievements as its results. Unless these appear, I cast aside the word as a sham and counterfeit, having no ring of the true metal. Love cannot be a mere abstraction, or goodness without activity and power”. I like that one a lot.

Danielle Steel


Mrs. Eddy’s quote arrived from you right on time and was demonstrated recently by the people who stopped the attack on the French train. Three of whom were Americans and friends traveling together. Perhaps they were divine Love in action.

Anthony Sadler said Sunday that when he saw his friends charge forward his instinct was: “Do something.”

“Hiding, or sitting back, is not going to accomplish anything,” he said. “And the gunman would’ve been successful if my friend Spencer had not gotten up. So I just want that lesson to be learned going forward, in times of, like, terror like that, please do something. Don’t just stand by and watch.”


Video – Published on Jun 16, 2017


I remember reading the following excerpt below to my sales team in my earlier career as the district sales trainer to show the importance of suicide prevention because of the impact it can have on the survivors. It is from a novel by Danielle Steel called Miracle.

Maggie had a son who died by suicide and whose marriage ends in divorce. We follow her through the healing process.   I went through a similar healing process before and after learning of my grandfather’s suicide and family cover up due to the stigma.  They even went further by trying to have him erased from time and history.  My mother took out all her anger on me after his suicide which almost destroyed my self-esteem beyond repair resulting in my own suicide attempt years later.

It was there all along only to be uncovered as I felt it from the beginning which resulted in my volunteer work as a suicide prevention and crisis intervention counselor for youth even before learning of my grandfather’s tragic fate.

I also wonder if perhaps this was Danielle Steel’s healing of her own sons suicide showing up in her writing here.  It made me think.

Also in “Miracle” Quinn lost his wife and son and has an estranged daughter.  He decides he is going to sell his house to buy a luxury sailboat in search of the perfect moment or “green flash”.  Perhaps he is running away only to discover that he has all the power inside of him already which Maggie tries to get him to understand.    

Quinn also has the humility to befriend the handyman and teaches him to read. I’ll never forget my class sitting in a circle with The Hardy Boy novels as I taught them to read in English as their teacher in Mexico.  I understand the sacredness of this act.  I will never forget them.  Perhaps that was my “green flash”.  I pray for it to happen in my life again in some way and in some time.

Or Perhaps it’s about finally letting go of my mother to the human sense and accepting the fact that she was gone now and had chosen to be.  It is about acceptance and surrender while forgiving her and letting her go forever to set myself free.

In Steel’s novel healing results because of these trials and tribulations.  At first the readers don’t recognize it as it has a mask but once the masks come down and the error is exposed then the fear disappears and love eventually wins.

In Christian Science we don’t believe in “miracles” as they are divinely natural but perhaps Steel’s stories inspire millions because they reach people in a similar way by spreading hope and healing but with an easy to understand story.

Although Danielle Steel is no longer a student of Christian Science it is impossible to unknow the Truth.  I FEEL it in sprinkles throughout her books.

Strange but after my surrogate father’s death a few years ago the two books I read were Science and Health and Danielle Steel’s novel, Blue, at the same time.

May God bless us all and the people we serve.


Excerpt below from Miracle

by Danielle steel

pg. 99-100


“The message would be,” he said thoughtfully, pondering it,  “I can’t be other than I am … even if I wanted to … the message would be I love you but I have to be free … if not I’ll die … like a fish out of the ocean gasping for air … I need the ocean and the sky, and the fine line of the horizon with nothing on it but the sun as it goes down … That’s all I want now Maggie, wide, open, empty space.  Maybe it’s all I ever wanted, and I wasn’t honest with myself before.  Now I have to be.”  And then he looked down on her with his head on her shoulder, and he smiled.  “Have you ever seen the green flash when the sun goes down?  It happens for an instant and you have to looking for it at the right time.  It is the most perfect moment in any sunset, and if you blink you miss it … that’s all I want now that perfect instant, the green flash when the sun goes down and the night comes … I have to follow that where ever it leads me …”

Image result for green flash from sunset

“Maybe the flash you’re looking for is within you.  Maybe you don’t need to run as far as you think.”  She knew he was running from, as much as he was running to, but only he could discover that, as she knew.

She had had her own battles over Andrew, and whether or not she could have changed things, or stopped him, or saved him, or was responsible for his death as Charles had said she was.  The moment had come to her finally when she realized there was nothing she could have done.  For her, the truth had come in a thousand tiny moments, like shards that formed a window she could finally look through.  It came in talking to others like him, on the phone late at night, and long nights of introspection.  It came in moments of prayer, and nights of bitter tears, but in the end what she had seen, as she looked into her self, had brought peace to her.  She couldn’t have saved him.  She couldn’t have changed it.  All she could do is accept the fact that he was gone now and had chosen to be.  It was about acceptance and surrender and loving someone enough to let them go forever.  That had been the green flash for her.  And she hoped Quinn would find that too.  He was still tormented about what he hadn’t done, and hadn’t been, and couldn’t do and until he surrendered and accepted and knew he couldn’t have changed anything … he would have to run.  It was in standing still that one found the truth, not in running, but that was impossible to explain to anyone.  He had to find the answers for himself, wherever he had to go to find them, and until then he would never be free, no matter where he went to find freedom.

Photos below – Sailing as the first mate/deck hand with a bachlorette party.  I always get the girls plus photo jacket for Miracle by Danielle Steel.

Image result for miracle by danielle steel


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